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Love Heals

Lea and Zul took up the opportunity of having coffee with me to find out more about Orangefill wedding video services. That was back in Nov 2014. That coffee session were about 2 hours. Why that long ?

I guess we were comfortable with each other. Surprisingly, we talked a lot that night. From their enquiries to how they fell in love, from their job to their sacrifices they made in their relationship. I was totally humbled by them. They are the Bigger and Better people than me. I will not dwell into great details but somehow their story is similar to Lagenda Anak Setan.


  1. Lea had to make huge sacrifice which affected their relationship.
  2. Zul gave in and he told me he was willing to wait for her but do not know how long.
  3. Not only that, after Zul’s dad passed away, he made a promise that he will not get married until his two younger sisters got married. How Big Hearted is he. (air mata dah start nak bertangkung ni)
  4. During his wedding, his younger sisters did not forget his sacrifices. My partner managed to capture their appreciation saying thank you to their brother for making that sacrifice.

Seriously, how would you not want to be a part of their big day ? How would you want to be friends with them ? Alhamdullilah, they decided to engage me.

( If you are looking for wedding photographer, don’t forget to check out Theme Photography. Request for Bro Nizam. Very friendly photographer. )

You see, I take great interests

in my couples’ wedding even though I am just a wedding video maker. Once in a while, I will ask if they are doing ok and so forth. But for Lea, it is the other way around. She made me feel that I am important. My views matters. She really take serious considerations in my suggestions and recommendations. She engaged the caterer and decor services I recommended.

She had a panic attack when the Kadi she wanted was already booked. We spent almost 30 minutes on the phone discussing what to do next. I had to asked my previous couples for their Kadi so I can help Lea.

I am so happy that I was a part of their wedding. I am grateful that we crossed path. Even when they came over to my house, dah macam members lama. Even my wife clicked instantly with Lea.

Thank you for allowing us into your circle.

If you are looking around and doing research, you can drop me an email to find out more about wedding video in general. At the same time, you can find out if Orangefill is the right one for you.

Orangefill Wedding Video Singapore


2 thoughts on “Love Heals

    1. In Sha Allah, Cikgu.

      I have heeded your advise which you gave 10 months ago. I got myself registered.

      In Sha Allah, kalau ada rezeki, I prolly could venture into the area you mentioned during our email conversation.

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