Wedding Photo Montage

Desinta’s request for Wedding Photo Montage.

Desi and Latep did not plan to have wedding video services for their wedding day. When they happened to see one of my wedding videos, suddenly they felt they need a wedding video.

That was back in December 2015. They were getting married in April 2016. It was about 4 months apart.

So began the numerous online engagements.

When it began, it was a mismatch of customer and vendor. Desi and Latep have a budget which they intend to abide. Whereas I am offering my pricing at 33% more of their budget.


That’s what I will always say or write in my reply. So Desi decided to open up and be direct about her budget and expectations.

With her mentioned budget, I am not able to provide 2 video makers service. Almost 97% of my wedding videos are done by a team of 2 video makers. At times, it is even done by 4 video makers. This is due to film-making technique and applications that I am using.

At the same time, Desi wanted a wedding photo montage as additional service.

What I did was to manage our expectations as a whole. So I offer my video services according to her budget and request. At the same time, I made some recommendations of other wedding video companies that provide a 1 man package that fit her budget.

About 2 weeks later….


When I read that, I said to myself “Tak de jodoh.”. But, I was happy for her actually. Finally, she got someone to be her wedding video maker. You know, the feeling of a big brother for his younger sister. My reply was,

Desi Nazrin

The thing here is I want to replicate the good experience I had when choosing my photographer for my wedding, back then. I chose the one that is not sales sleazy and who is genuinely interested in my wedding.

But then, she had more questions. I replied. Next…

Desi Nazrin 2

We met up for coffee. The thing about this coffee session, I love to meet couples. I want to know how they fall for each other. What makes them wanting to get married. So forth. Everyone has different stories. Everyone has different love journey. It makes me rekindled the time how I courted my wife. Every time couples shared their stories, I will always be reminded my very first date with my wife. (That one, I will share another day.)

And yes, Desi and Latep engaged me to produce their wedding video and wedding photo montage.


If you are looking for malay wedding video services, fill up the contact form below to get in touch.

Feel free and be comfortable with your questions.

Nazrin Salim - Orangefill Video Maker



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