That’s me and my hero !

When comes to video making, I would not consider myself as a beginner nor a newbie. I consider myself as a slightly advanced intermediate video maker.

I love making them. I always kept learning, unlearning and relearning. This way, it helps me to brush up my skills and knowledge. Not forgetting to keep in touch with my brides and grooms in the future.

When comes to my video business, I am currently providing video services to both local malay wedding industry and small businesses owners.

Watch more videos at my YouTube channel.
Watch more videos at my YouTube channel.

Weddings, it is one of the most important highlights in our lives. There are things photography cannot do what videography can do. Vice versa. Wedding videography is the only way that you can actually see yourself again declaring your commitment to your partner. Relive and watch it again how you shivers, how happy you were on your biggest day, how hectic your wedding reception was and many more.

Another channel for your to watch my videos.

For business, video is one of the many tools that can help you in generating sales leads. Making a business video is not just showcasing what you can do. It has to serve a purpose. It has to target your niche.

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As an online marketer, you can hook me up if you want to learn more about Facebook Paid Marketing System. On how to use it. I will help you with a blueprint on how to use Facebook Paid Marketing System to generate sales leads. Tip : Don’t do things blindly.

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Contact me if you want to engage my services for certain fields.


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