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What if your planned nikah and sanding is 3 months apart ?

No fret. Me and my team have done it.

We provided our wedding video services to Dadly and Afnidah. They planned their nikah in September 2015 whereas their wedding reception was held in December 2015.

All I can say, I was glad that Orangefill was selected to be their official wedding video makers. I am so grateful for this opportunity because they opened the door for many opportunities later. Happened so that, I received a couple of enquiries of a similar arrangement. Some were almost 8 months apart. I am so happy that I can be part of their most important day of their life.

What’s their story ?

  • He was her first boyfriend.
  • He vowed to protect her. Which he did.
  • From the early beginning, everything was just perfect for them. They just knew it that they are meant for each other.
  • 5 years, they planned their wedding.
  • I am very very happy that everything they wished for, came true.

But that’s not all. PEOPLE is the very essence that dictates the way I make my wedding videos. I always dig deeper. It is not easy to break into a guy’s heart. When I finally get to it, it was pretty simple yet meaningful. Out of so many sharings, this hits me the most.

Dadly always pick Afnidah from work. No matter how late. No matter how far. To me, it is just a simple action. I,myself, did it when I was in relationship with my wife. Common, right ? Not when he shared his reason.

I cannot lose her. I picked her up and sent her home. I know she is safe. She is safe, I am a happy man. That’s it.
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Wedding Photography Videography Singapore
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Wedding Videography Photography Singapore
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I was simply speechless. A simple gesture (which I thought) can mean the world to someone. One word – RESPECT!

Another highlight about Dadly. His humility.

On his nikah day. He was really trying his best to look for somewhere nice for me to shoot. Once I knew what he was doing, I simply told him “Bro, you don’t worry about the background or place. Let’s keep it real. Katil 2 tingkat dengan banyak tilam pun, tak pe. Nanti aku pandai-pandai cut lah. “

Throughout their event, both nikah and sanding, I am simply in awe for the amount of affection they have for each other. It is just one of a kind. They are sporty. They are very witty. They are easy going and out going. They are very calm. They are simple. No couples are the same.

Thank you Dadly and Afnidah for allowing me to be a part of your life journey.

If you are planning for your wedding and searching for wedding video services, you can enquire my wedding video services by filling up the contact form below. All I want from you is feel free and be comfortable with your enquiry.






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