Got a working opportunity to do a video for a business. This time, it was Maketh Project.

Seriously, 3 ladies and leather, what do you get ? I personally find them sexy, confident, rejunevating and unbelievable.

I do not know that you can make your own leather product in just 3 hours. They will be there to guide you along. You don’t need the basics. To me, as long as you know how to use scissor and ruler, you can make your own leather product in no time.

For dating couples, if you do not know what else to do on your weekend dates, try this. Something new. You can make your wallet, coin pouch, lighter case or anything. Pricing wise, I find it affordable and reasonable with all the materials provided.


Video is essential to any business as long as you know where to use them in your business marketing structure.

For Maketh Project, I have constructed in such a way that :-

  1. It must not be sales sleazy because leather crafting is an art business. Art business has its certain value.
  2. It has to showcase the process involved that it can be done by anyone.
  3. It has to provide an entry point to generate interests. So, I used each owner’s set of values and beliefs.

With these in mind, the question that I always ask myself, can the video I produced to be replaced with only Text and Images ? The answer must be NO. If the answer is YES, I failed to help them in creating them a video.

If you need a video for your business, contact me to find out more at nazrin@orangefill.com.




Claim your offer of $300.00 discounts!

I usually provide my wedding video services at $1900.00. With this offer, your wedding video package will be $1600.00.

1. 2 VideomakersWhy 2 videomakers ? Can I have just one ?
– Usually, the groom will be on the losing end. No coverage. That’s why we provide 2 videomakers.
– Yes, one videomaker with 2 camera can still get the job done and with more footages BUT, the groom will never get coverage. That’s always the case.
– I love to put someone behind the camera. I don’t like putting a camera on a fixed position without someone manning it. The camera cannot go hunting for moments without its cam operator.
– We don’t just come to your wedding with a video camera. We do invest in film-making technique. So there is a need for us to bring extra equipment. You can refer to my gear list. Film-making equipment comes with film-making techniques and knowledge.

2. Production charges includedSeriously, what does it really means ?
– This section usually covers the editing part. Getting editors crafting out and interpret your wedding.
– We are not talking about burning all the video clips that we captured into 7 DVDs.
– There is storyboarding, color grading, selection of good video clips out of possibly 100GB data, design the DVD label, etc.
– A small portion from this budget will go into DVD purchases and printing services.

Sapuan Mahirah

3. 1 copy of DVD with hard coverIf you ask for a 2nd copy, we will give it to you for no additional charges.
– Yes. 1 DVD copy without locking. Meaning, you can duplicate your DVD copy on your own. We allow you to duplicate yourself.
– Consists of 3-7 minutes of wedding highlights. Truthfully, this kind of editing is for you. Short, sweet, compact and filled with love.
– There will be another edit of event coverage. This will be roughly about 20-40 minutes. Mainly, this kind of edit is meant for your parents and pakcik-makcik. Trust me, it is kinda boring but people love it. My working experience with Encik Yusman 2 years ago, comes in handy.
– Total playback duration is about 45 minutes. I believe this is a good timing. Not too long, not too short for you to watch together-gether with your family or relatives.

4. 8 weeks to deliverwhat takes you so long ?
– To go through 60-100GB of video clips is no easy task. And to pick the best video clips is a real headache. This process usually can cause migraine to editors.
– Loose calculations – 1GB = 5 minutes, so if 100GB = 500 minutes of video clips. Usually, editors have to look through twice to select the best ones.
– To arrange your video clips so it will create a nice flow, another challenging but fun process.

Asyraf - Azean

5. All your captured video clips shall be returned.
– When collecting your wedding video, don’t forget to bring your portable HD. We will transferred all video clips back to you. I don’t see the point in keeping them.

6. I have the full creative control of the final outcomeWhy seh? We pay you tau.
– I know you pay me. I want you to view your wedding video from me and my team point of view. How we interpret your wedding.
– We don’t do it blindly. Meaning, we MUST have a coffee session so that we can find out about your likes and dislikes.
– You and your partner need to fill up a questionnaire which both of you have to do it separately.
– At the end of the day, you get to experience your wedding from another angle.

So, if you feel that me and Orangefill is the right one for you, claim your offer over here!


Hue & M - Innovate - Create


Wedding season just finished. In a way or another I am having another short break before April starts. BUT my editing jobs still not finished yet. I need to clear them before April. That’s when another short season of wedding video gigs coming in.


For the past month and a half, I have been following a couple of Bride To Be blogs. I am thankful for the reciprocal support and follow. I was like ” This is hot stuff. ” Hot stuff because there were so much information being shared about wedding vendors, personal buying experiences, their thoughts and views and many more.

I was like why back then when I was planning my wedding, I did not really think or look up about BTBs blogs. Thank you to all BTBs for sharing your experiences. That’s really wonderful and really helpful.


I started to design websites for a fee. I have been playing with website designs for couple of years. Exploring almost every good website builders out there since 2009. Only this year, I decided to design website for a fee. This is doable for additional income for me. This is great!

Hue & M - Innovate - Create

Check out Hue N M – Create | Innovate

More coming up. Within 2 weeks, I am being engaged by 3 business entities to do up their websites. A-meen for the extra rezeki.


I am going to have a super weeks and months ahead. Within the next 3 weeks, I am meeting 3 potential couples for wedding videography package. I hope I can convert them into sales.

VIDEO WORKSHOP FOR BUSINESS – After my first successful video making sharing session, I was requested by quite number of business owners if I am able to conduct video making sharing session for business owners. I agreed and in the planning stage. I am going to help them on how video can add online traction for their branding, awareness and it is not daunting. And the best part, they can even use their handphone to make video and produce good standard quality video. That’s my commitment. Request from Sea Sports niche, Make Up niche, Bakery niche, Wedding Gifts niche and House Agents niche. I am upbeat about this.

FREELANCE TURN IN-HOUSE – I am so thankful that one of my freelancers (actually, my apprentice), decided to go onboard my video production team. He is committed to be part of Orangefill setup. A-meen. Less headache looking for videomakers in the future. I remember 7 months ago when he approached me to teach him video making, I said ” I will teach you everything that you are able to set up your own company. “ I am so grateful that he wants to be part of Orangefill.

VIDEO FOR BUSINESS – I just completed a video production for a local leather crafting company. I will sharing my experiences in producing the video soon. In the mean time, you guys can check out Maketh Project.

VIDEO TRAINER / FB ADs TRAINER – I am not sure how things will go about this matter. I was approached by one of the local entrepreneur to be a part of his training setup. Teaching video making and how to use paid Facebook Marketing. I really hope this opportunity will materialize in the near future. As of now, there is no black or white. I am excited when approached. I just could not believe it.

SINGAPORE PAINTBALL – I was playing paintball competitively from 2010 – 2012. That’s when I injured my knee really bad. Because of the injury, I rekindled with my lost passion, videography. Nevertheless, paintball was my training ground for my video making when I first started. Over time, my video gained recognition and was given opportunity to cover the event. This year is my third year doing this. Just my own way giving back to local paintball community.

15 seconds madness >>> http://websta.me/p/936231062989281232_986172660

I AM GUILTY – I am guilty because for 7 weeks spanning from mid Nov 2014 and Jan 2015, I did not spend a single weekend with my wife and son. I am thankful that wifey is understanding but my son, he could not understand. For past 3 weekends, it was a swimming weekend for my son. My son just loves to play water but afraid of water at the same time. Liat betul untuk dia mandi. Main air, nak pulak. I could not believe it that he could spend 4 hours straight in the baby pool.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.




Last Friday, I conducted my first ever video making sharing session to anyone who are keen in learning video making or to better their video making techniques.

I sincerely want to make a big difference in one’s video making journey. So, I keep the group participants to just 6 people. For every sign up, I requested a problem that they need help. Just one most troubling problem. I will solve them during the session.

During the session, I will cover the fundamentals and basics of video making. I will share my mistakes. I will also share simple tips, tweaks, content and structure that can more value in their own video making processes. I only share the most important and critical things that will help to make a huge leap in each participants video making journey. That was my game plan.


Honestly, I am excited. At the same time, I am confident that I can solve all the participants problems because I have one week to prepare. At the same time also, I am quite nervous and scared that I might not be able to help them. Nak kirakan, my feelings were all over the place lah.


Those 6 people who turned up, a mixture of newbies and working professionals, just blew me away with their enthusiasms and the eagerness to learn. I was humbled. I just said Bismillah in my heart and told myself, LET’S DO THIS.

Some want to know how to improve their video quality and I shared with them on what to do in order to create a work value so that they can double their current pricing. I helped them define what they have been doing and their processes. So now, they have a better understanding of their own processes. I am totally blown away when their confidence increased to face their problems in video making.


One, I shared with him the purposes and reasons on why such techniques exists. Why some wedding cinematographers are doing it. How different is it to focus between photography and videography. How do you maintain your focusing distance between you and the subject. Also, deconstructing certain aspects of wedding videography/cinematography.


One, I shared with them the structure in making a video for promotional purposes. Solely informational video production and how it should help her business.

2015-02-27 22.59.55


There were also flaws and weaknesses that I discovered and analyzed.
1. 2 hours – is still short duration to help them in making a really big difference in their video making journey.
2. Lack of practical trying out.
3. Lack of proper visual presentations and examples. (In terms of preparations)
4. I cannot really help those who own Nikon DSLR cameras. Seeing them putting them aside really crushed me. But they stayed on and carried on with the session.
5. No toilet breaks. (That’s so mean of me)
6. I bought light refreshments and I forgot to distribute them out.

The whole session was an eye-opener for me. In a way or another, I do learned a thing or tow and get inspired by the participants.


Creative Media Shootz – Their eagerness and thirst to learn and to better themselve is purely overwhelming me. Trust me, if you are having doubts about what you want to do, JUST DO IT! These group of people just prove me the power of JUST DO IT. So, check them out.

There is a working full time wedding photographer who attended my session. I mean, this guy is a freaking pro! Just look at the photos he shot over at Cinnamon Tree Production. The best part is Cinnamon Tree Production has a team of 10 wedding photographers. WOW ! That’s a big production team. His name is Rafi, by the way.

There is husband and wife. They are totally newbie in video making. How I wish I could share with you people on their entity but they are not letting out any details yet. I am just waiting for their first informational and promotional videos.

Last, my apprentice and new friend. He was the third “student” I trained. He was the only one who stayed with me for the past 6 months. He was the FIRST PERSON who offered to pay me just to teach him how to make video. I never took up his offer of payment, then. Instead, I taught him for FREE. Share my mistakes, techniques, etc. Honestly, today, he is confident and able to capture wedding on his own and even set a pricing for his service. This video making session will be redundant in his learning journey but he was there! Ma Sha Allah, semangat dia untuk belajar memang membakar sejak dulu lagi.


I feel rejunevated when people appreciate what I did and shared. Suddenly, I feel so motivated and inspired to do more sharing sessions and to better myself in video making.

To all the participants, thank you for making my video making sharing happened. Thank you for the opportunity. I have promised you that I will help you to make a difference in your video making for next 8 weeks. I will do that. Hold me to that.

** Photos from Faisal and Creative Media Shootz

Sharing Session

Video Making Sharing Session – It’s FREE

I am going to organize my first video making sharing session.

I have been to couple of these sharing sessions when I first embarked on my video making learning journey. Honestly, it is good to see how others interpret differently about the same thing. It is also refreshing to know how they use technique to their advantage. I personally gain during these sessions.

Sharing Session

For my video making sharing session, I am going to help to solve each participant most teething issues when comes to video making. I am going to equip them with a basic set of skills, knowledge and techniques by the time the sharing session ends. That’s my personal aim.

If you have or know friends who :-

  1. Just purchased a Canon DSLR for video making
  2. Loves video making but yet to embark on his/her video making journey
  3. Simply love video making

Let them know of my sharing session. Ask them to reserve their spot via this link :- http://eepurl.com/bdr1uX

I am limiting the number of participants to only 6. This way, I am able to help with their most teething issues.

It is 2 hours session and it is FREE. No payment involved.

Some people have asked me this, ” Why you want to do this ? “

1. I want to help because when I first started, it was time consuming and tiring to find the answers that I am looking for and for 1 year, I do not have a mentor.

2. I want to expose my weakness. I want to know what are my new weaknesses.

3. Sharing your knowledge is like donating blood. New blood will be generated. I am confident it will a good opportunity to meet new people, to learn from them, to bounce off ideas.

If you know someone who will benefits from my sharing session, ask them to reserve their spot over here :- http://eepurl.com/bdr1uX


If happen so you are still looking for a wedding video services, send me an email. Find out if we are perfect match. No obligations to engage my services at any point of time.

There is on-going promotion till 31 March 2015. 

1000 FB page likes milestone - FB Cover Photo

$1600.00 Promotion ! – [ Wedding Video ]

On January 22, 2015, my facebook page, Orangefill has garnered 1000 likes. That’s huge milestone for me personally. It is a reflection of me and my buddies’ hardwork, sacrifices, constant learning and working relationships with our past clients, wedding and businesses alike.

1000 FB page like promotion

Thank you to Faisal Dopey, Eddie, Shahrul and my two other videomakers who wished not to be named, thank you for all your hardwork and time. Even your partners and wives who have given you the green light to shoot on weekends. Thank you.

Also, thank you to our pengantins who have given us so much support and feedback. Without it, we cannot improve that much. Thank you for giving us the opportunity. Thank you for allowing us to interpret your wedding in our own way. Thank you for being lenient and accepting our weaknesses.

So, if you are reading this post and searching for a malay wedding video services, check out our promotion pricing. To enjoy this pricing, confirm your booking by 31 March 2015.

Our pricing - end 31 March 2015

You can find out more about Orangefill over here :-

Visit our website : http://www.orangefill.com

Like our FB page : http://www.facebook.com/orangefillvideowerkz

Subsribe to this blog for information and updates!


We Can Learn From Them – [ WEDDING VIDEO ]

One of the many things that I really like about shooting or capturing a wedding, interviewing the parents. Mind you, it is no easy task.

Since 2012, I have hits and misses when comes to interviewing parents. Some are open while some are reserved. Some welcome you to the family instantly while some just sees you as a service provider.

Along the way, I have tweaked my way of asking and the question structuring. Those who have engaged me, might have seen me shed a tear while doing this.

1. Speak in Malay.
– If they replied in English, let them be. That is their time.

2. Speak with conviction and a lot of respect.
– If you need to speak like a news reporter, do it. That way, you are indicating that you are serious about your question.
– Be mindful of your tonation. You got to project humility and respect.

3. Use a standard Malay language.
– No need to use the “Baku” language.
– Don’t use “bahasa pasar” unless you are of the same age as the parents. You are an outsider.

4. Pay attention to body language.
– Pay attention to eyes, lips and body language like actions of swallowing.
– If the eyes are watery, parents are about to break.
– If the lips are trembling, again, they are about to break.
– If they keep swallowing their saliva, it means, they are trying themselves very hard not to break.
– Trust me, you can feel it.

5. Don’t push.
– If parents are not willing to share their experiences, don’t push it. Remember, you are an outsider. You are a “guest” to their family circle and reception.
– Make them comfortable about sharing. Let them know it is ok to share the emotions. It is ok if they converse in improper language structure. After all, it is about keeping it real isn’t it ?

6. Don’t interrupt.
– Let them finish. Even it means a very long pause.

7. Discipline yourself.  
– Do not make any noise. Do not talk to your fellow videographer. Do not meddle with your camera settings. Give your fullest attention. Immerse yourself with what being said. You could learn a thing or two from them.

In this wedding, it took a while before the mom open up to us.

Some of the questions that we asked,

1. Apakah ucapan Makcik untuk Hafizah ?
2. Sudikah makcik kongsi sedikit sebanyak rahsia perkhawinan makcik ? Ini supaya, bila Fizah dan Hadi tonton video perkhawinan mereka, kata-kata Makcik akan menjadi satu bimbingan, dorangan and pegangan untuk mereka.

The mom, reacted openly to the last question. Her success secrets were her repeated answers.

For me, personally, the perfect example of true love is not Romeo and Juliet or fictional story like Lagenda Budak Setan. It is our parents who made it so far. They are the perfect example of any simplest and true love that you find.


What they won’t tell you…

4 years ago, I was officially a husband. Mind you, it was not just a title. Simply put, from that day onward, my wife’s sins are my accountability. That kind of commitment or power is not to be taken lightly.

Today, I will tell you people won’t tell you.


This is what my good friend told me. “Expect that, Naz. Suck it in. Absorb and don’t let it ruin your mood. Things will auto-correct themselves eventually. “


2 weeks before the big day, wifey’s caterer called to say the decor people went MIA. Tak panic my wife. My wife dah start stressed out and feeling emotional about it. Caterer refunded the decor payment. It was a consolation. No point in creating a fuss and get mad about it. It will not help us to solve this problem.

My wife was at her wits end. I said ” It’s ok. We go 80’s style. White plastics sheet. Bare void deck decor. Just like those days when our parents, uncles and aunties got married. Orang nak cakap, biar dorang. Mulut dorang. I don’t give damn what people going to say. You and me, we stick together. “

Of course, I did ask help from my circle of friends. Alhamdullilah. One of my friends’ contact is a wedding planner. She forwarded us a contact. As of now, me and wife are trying to recall the company. This Kakak, was our angel. She was fully booked that weekend. She was willing to help us out but on one condition. Wifey has no say about the decor style. We cannot be choosy. But what I like about this Kakak. All she asked was, “Baju warna apa?”

196059_10150112371100267_5163103_n 197051_10150112368165267_6731009_n

Plus, “Adik, jangan lupa tau. Letak kipas kat pelamin bila hari sanding. Nanti, make up cair. “

This Kakak and her team came, did their work. She quoted us $750.00, I think. Reasons for being quite cheap because she was using our wedding to try out her new design. The best part, she never asked for our payment till 3 months after the wedding. I was like what ? We really want to pay but she kept saying later I update you later I update you. 3 months passed.

Practically, that’s the only major punch wifey got. The rest are minor-minor ones like no electricity because town council never unlock the unit, one neighbour complained about the noise. This neighbour always complained and make a big fuss whenever there is a function at the void deck as I found out.

My turn;


The night before nikah, I could not sleep till 4am. Baca surah apa pun, tak lepas and tak complete. My memory was jammed. Couple of my guy friends called asking me whether ok ke tak. It helps after talking with them. Still, for that night, I do not know why. I cannot recite any surahs till finish. Something blocked !!

Alhamdullilah, the nikah went well. Wifey and her support team of family and friends, did a splendid job in getting everything organised.

#Hint : For groom, be prepared for your friends to come after your nikah and chill with you till 2-3am in the morning. 


The way I see it, it was a case of high number of guests. Seriously, even if the caterer provided 10 kendarat people, confirm plus chop not enough. I have to be thankful to my aunties, uncles and cousins who had roped in as back ups.

Malu sey, before the wedding, I have declared to all my aunties, their job is to lepak and eat. Kendarat settled.

163642_487302770266_5730909_n 167948_487289000266_7981473_n


Due to overwhelming of guests, the dishwashers threw tantrum. Why ? Because their working hours and routine was disturbed. The reception start at 11am. They claimed usually about 11.30-11.45am, they will start their work. But for my wedding, they started to wash the plates and utensils exactly at 11am non-stop till about 3plus, I think. They just disappeared after that. Taking a break I presumed.

My cousins and my brothers had to take over the job just to get clean eating utensils and plates out. Headache !! My majlis only ended at about 6.30pm even though it was planned to end at 5pm.

180669_487302650266_8174410_n 166597_487302580266_4750576_n


1500 cards went out. What do you expect. This was totally an oversight by my parents. Also caught my parents off guard with the turn out, actually. People say it always double the number of cards. So, roughly 3000 people came.

Some of my friends came and don’t get to eat properly. They ate standing outside the void deck. My friend told me, there were 2 uncles quarreled over a space to eat. Gulp!!

One thing about sedara is, they will lepak and will not move.

So, if I may suggest, GTB and BTB, you guys need to prepare an area for your sedara to lepak. One consideration to note is not to block the flow of human traffic and your entrance.

When we returned from wifey’s place, inside the wedding car,  wifey said” B, biar betul ni B. Ramai nyer orang.” I was dumbfounded myself. I do not know what to expect when we got off the car.

There were other major setbacks during the wedding at my side. But I won’t share it because it is very personal.

The only thing I can say is that, make sure keep your parents and family members involved. Your parents must also keep you in the loop with what they want to do. Communicate closely.

Nevertheless, things will go wrong for your wedding. It can be a minor or major. I have provided wedding video coverage to numerous couples. Not one single wedding is super perfect.

Look at this way, sometimes a little imperfection is all you need to make your wedding perfect. There will be people who will make sure your wedding will go smoothly. I have witnessed it every time.

Like my caterer, my wedding is one of those rare wedding events that challenge his creativity and used up all his cooking ingredients within 3 hours. Menu that I never ordered pops up like Spaghetti, Butter Squid, Cereal Prawns and many more lah. Of course, me and wifey never got to taste it. On the fly, he ordered his staff to do ad-hoc marketing for cooking ingredients. The excess spending was nearly $6000.00.

In my opinion, the only thing that you should invest heavily is your food. We did. My wife instructed her caterer to cook additional on excess budget of $3000.00 if there is a need.

When your big day comes, enjoy every moment of it. What you have planned, let the event take care of itself. Let it go. Don’t get involved. When you get involved, you will tend smile lesser and lesser and lesser.

Don’t know why my wife mentel semacam when she read the earlier blog post. I bet she will mentel again after reading this post. I guess it brought back the memories. Too bad, we only have good photos to reminisce. Something heartbreaking happened to the wedding video. 

hike  for  humanity (1)

My Wedding

For 2015, I aim to share more insights or personal experiences when comes to planning a wedding. Not forgetting, sharing more guides on how to make videos.

Of course, by now, you would have known that I am providing wedding video services and video for business. If you are searching for one, you can start your search with me.


Back then, it was a quick decision to get married. We were plunged into planning for wedding within a year or less. Please plan your wedding at least 1.5 years before.

We were at that time looking for house. I did told my wife, “Secure the house, then we can talk about marriage”. Of course, in my heart, it was a doa. I doa that I can get married soon. The opportunity came to book a ballot number for BTO. I told my wife that if we get the qualified ballot number, we get married next year.

TA DA !! Ballot number 131 out of 185 units offered !! Jom, khawin. Made all the arrangements. Within one month, my family merisik dan terus minang at one go !

Actually, wanted to nikah on 13 Jan 2011 because that was the significance where I asked my wife to be my girl back in 2001. My dad advised me not to as 13 Jan 2011 was a thursday. Working day. “Nanti banyak sedara tak boleh datang.”

This is one of many crossroads I faced. Of course I want to have it my way. It is my wedding. There is this Abang at my workplace, old enough to be my dad, he shared his opinions and views with me. These were three things of many things he shared :-

  1. ” Besar majlis, kecil pun majlis. “
  2. ” Orang tua kalau dah besar hati nak raikan majlis, mudah-mudahan berkah perkhawinan tu. “
  3. ” Buat bincang. Ada pasang ada surut. Kalau boleh mengalah, mengalah. Kalau tak boleh, buat bincang. Kau nak, kalau bakal anak menantu kau nanti, mengakal time kau jadi bapak. “

There are so many ways to digest these. To me, the way I see it, making your parents happy since I am the first one. Of course, my nenek. Of course, my mom is boyanese. Boyanese is big racial group.

The thing here is I am getting. The function, event, celebration is not just about me. My parents have the rights too to celebrate. So does my close uncles and aunties. You will want people that close to you happy and be proud of you. Give and take, here and there.


Seriously, I don’t get it. Why must it be diamond ? Why can’t it be simple plain gold ring ke, or any other ring ? I talked to my girlfriends about it. They kept telling me, if you love her, just buy her one. Got to trust my lovely girlfriends since Poly days.

I did research. I even asked my working colleague. What I gather is 4 C. Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Doing research on this pun boleh jadi pening kepala.

Anyway, I already found a ring with higher gradings on the 4 Cs. A diamond ring with that kind of gradings will at least cost me $2.5k and above.

All these while, I kept telling my wife, “If you can find a diamond ring at $1500.00, I will buy.” 




Seriously, I got no say at all. My mom handled it. I just told my mom, this is my budget and that’s it. You want to print more, sorry mom, you got to fork out your own money. Guess what. Total of 1400 cards. With another 100 self printed A4 cards done by my dad.


My parents were adamant about engaging my uncle. Whereas, I wanted my uncle to come down to my wedding and lepak. Oklah, I gave in. Seriously, never disappoints me. I bet all my cousins on my dad side going to engage his catering services for the future.

If you want to taste his cooking, every Friday before Friday prayers, he will cook a buffet spread at Masjid Jamek, Queenstown. I believe this is perfect. Perfect to honing his skills. Perfect to experiment. Perfect in getting feedbacks. Perfect in creating extra money for the masjid.


I seriously, don’t get it. Why my mom really wanted Gold and Black ? She kept saying nampak seri. I was like what! Ok, this part I am not going to give in. Even my uncle said that cannot be totally Black and Gold. In the end, I told my mom, I don’t care what color you want for the decor as long as no total black and no total gold.

End up, I got Brown, Gold, White, Black and Red carpet for the dias. As long as my mom is happy and we meet halfway. Ok lah.



This one, I leave it to my wife. I let her choose. Splendid surprise. Kak Rita is really superb in her craft. I believe she is known for making the bride’s eyes look stunning. That’s why my wife said. The real gem I found is Pak Andam service. Her husband is Abg Shukor. Every time I met couple for coffee session, I will encourage them to check out Best Man Service by Abg Shukor.

This is the real surprise deal. Abg Shukor is a good friend of my uncle nicknamed Popeye. Abg Shukor is a nephew to one of my caterer’s cook. Kak Rita assistant, Kak Shirdah, who is older than my wife is actually a niece to my wife. Amek kau, dah macam kampung sey. Which is good.



This one, I already lazy to think. I just leave it to my father. “What you choose, I follow suit.” From hand towel to the normal boiled egg. From pulut kuning with red egg in a glass to rendondo chocolate sticks. Headache.


This department was the only thing I have POWER ! When comes to looking for photography and video services, I always seek my friends’ recommendations. Out of all the recommendations, I shortlisted 3 of them.

Khai FotoAtelier – This guy’s work is freaking awesome. He can make a playground or even multistorey looks majestic. His pricing is a little bit of higher end. I remember he quoted me $3300.00 and the cheapest was $1800.00.

FAP – My friend’s cousin. I like his photos because they were more journalistic rather than staged. He has that eye for it. $1800.00, I am getting a good deal compared to Khai FotoAtelier’s cheapest package. But it is not fair to compare that way because Khai’s work is still up 2 notch. Price to Price comparisons.

D’shootz – Was my wife’s best friend recommendations. I think they had a good deal. So, I checked them out. I would rate, their style is almost similar to FAP. Cheaper by couple of hundreds.

I chose FAP because Bro Fitri were more like a friend than a salesman. Our engagement sessions were more relaxed and forgiving. I got my video services through him as well. Me and my wife felt really comfortable with him.



This one without a doubt I chose Suara Setia. Because I used to be part of the group when I was a teenager. Their direction never changed which I like. They will sing doas accompanied by the kompang beats. Opening will be done at Groom’s place before moving out. Another doa at Bride’s place. Closing doa at Groom’s place.

I am glad, they were available for my day!



I would seriously recommend YAZ Entertainment. The DJ is a MDA trained host and emcee. A scriptwriter and I believe you have seen his works at Suria. Atas Heights, Jeritan Sepi and many more lah.

One thing I like about Abang Yazid and his son, they paid attention to the volume level of the speakers. Many people commended on their volume level. Not too loud. Just nice. His son is a trained audio technician.

The way Abang Yazid “perform” totally depends on the crowd. You could see him work differently from a wedding to another. His jokes rarely falls flat. He knows his way around different types of crowd.



This is classic. Got a deal through FAP. $350.00 for the weekend. Superbz service. It was a limo service from Shangri La Hotel, if I remembered correctly. On Saturday, he called to inform his arrival for my nikah.

Driver : “Bro, I am your driver. I am already here. I shall wait for you ya. ”

Me : ” Ok Bang. I tengah siap ni. Give me 10-15 minutes. ”

Driver : ” No worries Bro. Take your time. ”

Judging from that phone conversation, this guy must be young chap around my age. He was using standard English. No lah. No malay slang. Standard English.

Came down. Looking for the driver. In my mind, he was a young chap.

Came this Apek wanting to shake my hand. I was like huh!? Until he introduced himself. “I am your driver today. Bro Jasman.” I think that was his name. I remembered vividly how he introduced himself, just forgot his name. He really made my day. I am impressed by his level of professionalism and his passion for his work.


Looking back, it was really just perfect. Simply put, just nice. Of course, our wedding cannot function seamlessly without family members, aunties, uncles, cousins, friend and all those who made it happen in big and small way. Thank you.

To my wife, Happy 14th Anniversary !! Sorry got to work today !! Later I buy you nice dinner !!

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2015, here I come! [ A long read .. ]

Looking back at this blog of mine, I have to give myself a pat on the back. I never thought I could go on this far ever since I embarked on my video learning journey.

In Oct 2011. I injured my knee and was into my 10th month of married life. I could not play paintball competitively. And I need an outlet to de-stress myself. That’s how I rekindled my lost interests of videography or video making. My learning curve was so steep when I started. I was hungry for information. I was keen to get my foundation right.

Within six months of purchasing my first DSLR, solely for video making, I never looked back. Within that six months, it was draining and tiring because I spent a lot of sleepless nights watching video tutorials, attended online web-classes, seeking video making opportunities and made huge investment on video making equipment. You can take a look at my gears list.

Armed with inspirations and willingness to work hard and get dirty, I emailed couple of local wedding video companies for working opportunities. But none of them replied. I followed couple of popular video makers and cinematographers online but they took ages to reply. I told myself that I could not let others slowed me down. I cannot wait for others to teach me. I need to get out there, make mistakes and get criticized. That’s what I did.

I started my own thread in Clubsnap forum documenting all my mistakes. All criticisms I received, I took it in my stride. Today, my thread has the highest viewership in a specific forum.

Top Forum Views Clubsnap

My proudest moment when my Dragon Naga video was selected to feature in the local Clubsnap forum. That was a nice feeling.

PAINTBALL INSPIRES ME – Paintball played a major part in my learning journey. It provides me the platform to go out there and get it all wrong. Make mistakes. Both local and overseas paintballers were very encouraging. Abang Shamsuddin and Shoot In Rage provided me the very first gig. Soon enough, Singapore Paintball Series provided me the same opportunity. Not only, I was given a paid job to create a video marketing for EK Paintball Group Pte Ltd in late 2014. That was awesome.

Somewhere in 2013, I realized that this passion of mine is quite heavy on my pocket. Expensive equipment and licensing, etc. That’s when I figured out that why not let my passion and interests fuel itself. Providing me an income to fuel my video making. That’s how Orangefill was seriously crafted with all business planning and strategy. Not yet official, I want to make the business plan solid. I failed at my previous business venture which is running an online paintball shop. It lasted me over 1 year and a half before I folded it up due to my supplier was bankrupt. To get another supplier, I need to invest in a physical store as one of the many requirements, which I am not willing to invest. I do not want Orangefill to face the same fate. As advised by my accountant buddy, Fazluddin, “It is better to waste ink and paper rather than time and money.” That advise I hold dearly till today! Do check out Fazluddin And Partners.

As Orangefill in the planning stage, I was so lucky to be given working opportunities to work with Pixelwave and CST SG. In my honest and humble opinions, these 2 companies are among the top malay wedding video companies in Singapore. 2 different companies with 2 different set up and styles. They are sublimely superbz in their craft and an industry authority in their own rights. I am greatly influenced by them.

Another working opportunity came by. This time was with BambooPictures. Man, I was exposed to the world of corporate video industry. Mr Rodney was one hell of a guy. He is honest, hard working and creative. He was impressed by my effort in self learning and sharing my mistakes online that he decided to give me a chance. Prolly, I was the cheaper option. For my first job, he already paying me $800 for 8 hours. I was like WHAT !! Syukur alhamdullilah. I even said to him that you can actually pay me $400 as I am newbie. But he claimed that I worth that rates. His views and opinions I truly value as it was honest and transparent where at times, I got hurt by his remarks. You want to grow, you got to see from the outside.

MARCH 2014 – I am going to officially launched my own business entity. And I did. Of course, it was not new to me when comes to doing business. I grew up managing my grandmother stall and failed online paintball shop, I am brave to face what may come. I promised myself to make it right this time. If Orangefill fails, I am going to revive it. No giving up. So, another learning journey started. I read a lot of business materials online and work guides. I stumbled upon Imran. Knowing Imran is an eye opener even though couple of people mentioned that I should not engaged him as he is not proven, untested and unfamiliar. I think they are just jealous. One thing I believe in Imran because he is frank and open. His words can really made me feel ashamed of my efforts. Engaged him and attended his business bootcamp. One important take away from my engagements with Imran was ” Only you can make or break your business. “

Fast forward to today. I cannot be where I am now without the help, support and criticisms from people that I came across. And of course, my lovely couples who have supported Orangefill.

Herdi’ – A close buddy who is fantastic in his business approaches and visions. Always help me see another angle of things. You can check out Hue&M.

Sani Husin – A fellow theater practitioner back during my acting days. I learned a lot about directing and DOP through him. Video compo, editing, etc. Without his sharing, I am not able to propel in my learning journey.

Bryan from Smart Local – For believing in me. Allowing me to share video making guides with him for his entity.

Shahrul – A quiet supporter. Was my partner in crime in most of my video making gigs. Check out his LNP for photography services.

This humble blog of mine grew from 0 readership to about 600 readership per month recently. Thank you 2012, 2013 and 2014. 2015, Here I come!