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For 2015, I aim to share more insights or personal experiences when comes to planning a wedding. Not forgetting, sharing more guides on how to make videos.

Of course, by now, you would have known that I am providing wedding video services and video for business. If you are searching for one, you can start your search with me.


Back then, it was a quick decision to get married. We were plunged into planning for wedding within a year or less. Please plan your wedding at least 1.5 years before.

We were at that time looking for house. I did told my wife, “Secure the house, then we can talk about marriage”. Of course, in my heart, it was a doa. I doa that I can get married soon. The opportunity came to book a ballot number for BTO. I told my wife that if we get the qualified ballot number, we get married next year.

TA DA !! Ballot number 131 out of 185 units offered !! Jom, khawin. Made all the arrangements. Within one month, my family merisik dan terus minang at one go !

Actually, wanted to nikah on 13 Jan 2011 because that was the significance where I asked my wife to be my girl back in 2001. My dad advised me not to as 13 Jan 2011 was a thursday. Working day. “Nanti banyak sedara tak boleh datang.”

This is one of many crossroads I faced. Of course I want to have it my way. It is my wedding. There is this Abang at my workplace, old enough to be my dad, he shared his opinions and views with me. These were three things of many things he shared :-

  1. ” Besar majlis, kecil pun majlis. “
  2. ” Orang tua kalau dah besar hati nak raikan majlis, mudah-mudahan berkah perkhawinan tu. “
  3. ” Buat bincang. Ada pasang ada surut. Kalau boleh mengalah, mengalah. Kalau tak boleh, buat bincang. Kau nak, kalau bakal anak menantu kau nanti, mengakal time kau jadi bapak. “

There are so many ways to digest these. To me, the way I see it, making your parents happy since I am the first one. Of course, my nenek. Of course, my mom is boyanese. Boyanese is big racial group.

The thing here is I am getting. The function, event, celebration is not just about me. My parents have the rights too to celebrate. So does my close uncles and aunties. You will want people that close to you happy and be proud of you. Give and take, here and there.


Seriously, I don’t get it. Why must it be diamond ? Why can’t it be simple plain gold ring ke, or any other ring ? I talked to my girlfriends about it. They kept telling me, if you love her, just buy her one. Got to trust my lovely girlfriends since Poly days.

I did research. I even asked my working colleague. What I gather is 4 C. Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Doing research on this pun boleh jadi pening kepala.

Anyway, I already found a ring with higher gradings on the 4 Cs. A diamond ring with that kind of gradings will at least cost me $2.5k and above.

All these while, I kept telling my wife, “If you can find a diamond ring at $1500.00, I will buy.”


Seriously, I got no say at all. My mom handled it. I just told my mom, this is my budget and that’s it. You want to print more, sorry mom, you got to fork out your own money. Guess what. Total of 1400 cards. With another 100 self printed A4 cards done by my dad.


My parents were adamant about engaging my uncle. Whereas, I wanted my uncle to come down to my wedding and lepak. Oklah, I gave in. Seriously, never disappoints me. I bet all my cousins on my dad side going to engage his catering services for the future.

If you want to taste his cooking, every Friday before Friday prayers, he will cook a buffet spread at Masjid Jamek, Queenstown. I believe this is perfect. Perfect to honing his skills. Perfect to experiment. Perfect in getting feedbacks. Perfect in creating extra money for the masjid.


I seriously, don’t get it. Why my mom really wanted Gold and Black ? She kept saying nampak seri. I was like what! Ok, this part I am not going to give in. Even my uncle said that cannot be totally Black and Gold. In the end, I told my mom, I don’t care what color you want for the decor as long as no total black and no total gold.

End up, I got Brown, Gold, White, Black and Red carpet for the dias. As long as my mom is happy and we meet halfway. Ok lah.



This one, I leave it to my wife. I let her choose. Splendid surprise. Kak Rita is really superb in her craft. I believe she is known for making the bride’s eyes look stunning. That’s why my wife said. The real gem I found is Pak Andam service. Her husband is Abg Shukor. Every time I met couple for coffee session, I will encourage them to check out Best Man Service by Abg Shukor.

This is the real surprise deal. Abg Shukor is a good friend of my uncle nicknamed Popeye. Abg Shukor is a nephew to one of my caterer’s cook. Kak Rita assistant, Kak Shirdah, who is older than my wife is actually a niece to my wife. Amek kau, dah macam kampung sey. Which is good.



This one, I already lazy to think. I just leave it to my father. “What you choose, I follow suit.” From hand towel to the normal boiled egg. From pulut kuning with red egg in a glass to rendondo chocolate sticks. Headache.


This department was the only thing I have POWER ! When comes to looking for photography and video services, I always seek my friends’ recommendations. Out of all the recommendations, I shortlisted 3 of them.

Khai FotoAtelier – This guy’s work is freaking awesome. He can make a playground or even multistorey looks majestic. His pricing is a little bit of higher end. I remember he quoted me $3300.00 and the cheapest was $1800.00.

FAP – My friend’s cousin. I like his photos because they were more journalistic rather than staged. He has that eye for it. $1800.00, I am getting a good deal compared to Khai FotoAtelier’s cheapest package. But it is not fair to compare that way because Khai’s work is still up 2 notch. Price to Price comparisons.

D’shootz – Was my wife’s best friend recommendations. I think they had a good deal. So, I checked them out. I would rate, their style is almost similar to FAP. Cheaper by couple of hundreds.

I chose FAP because Bro Fitri were more like a friend than a salesman. Our engagement sessions were more relaxed and forgiving. I got my video services through him as well. Me and my wife felt really comfortable with him.



This one without a doubt I chose Suara Setia. Because I used to be part of the group when I was a teenager. Their direction never changed which I like. They will sing doas accompanied by the kompang beats. Opening will be done at Groom’s place before moving out. Another doa at Bride’s place. Closing doa at Groom’s place.

I am glad, they were available for my day!



I would seriously recommend YAZ Entertainment. The DJ is a MDA trained host and emcee. A scriptwriter and I believe you have seen his works at Suria. Atas Heights, Jeritan Sepi and many more lah.

One thing I like about Abang Yazid and his son, they paid attention to the volume level of the speakers. Many people commended on their volume level. Not too loud. Just nice. His son is a trained audio technician.

The way Abang Yazid “perform” totally depends on the crowd. You could see him work differently from a wedding to another. His jokes rarely falls flat. He knows his way around different types of crowd.



This is classic. Got a deal through FAP. $350.00 for the weekend. Superbz service. It was a limo service from Shangri La Hotel, if I remembered correctly. On Saturday, he called to inform his arrival for my nikah.

Driver : “Bro, I am your driver. I am already here. I shall wait for you ya. ”

Me : ” Ok Bang. I tengah siap ni. Give me 10-15 minutes. ”

Driver : ” No worries Bro. Take your time. ”

Judging from that phone conversation, this guy must be young chap around my age. He was using standard English. No lah. No malay slang. Standard English.

Came down. Looking for the driver. In my mind, he was a young chap.

Came this Apek wanting to shake my hand. I was like huh!? Until he introduced himself. “I am your driver today. Bro Jasman.” I think that was his name. I remembered vividly how he introduced himself, just forgot his name. He really made my day. I am impressed by his level of professionalism and his passion for his work.


Looking back, it was really just perfect. Simply put, just nice. Of course, our wedding cannot function seamlessly without family members, aunties, uncles, cousins, friend and all those who made it happen in big and small way. Thank you.

To my wife, Happy 14th Anniversary !! Sorry got to work today !! Later I buy you nice dinner !!


6 thoughts on “My Wedding

  1. Salam Sakina.

    Thank you for your kind interests. I have emailed you the quotation. Do check your spam folder if you could not find my email.

    If there are any other questions, feel free to ask ya.


    1. Thanks Eza for dropping and make the time to read.

      I already emailed you the quotation. Do check them out. If there is anything that I can be of any assistance, just ask ya. As long as it is wedding related. 🙂

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