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Ever since I started covering weddings, I have to say that no one’s wedding is the same.

Just like this couple of mine. Totally caught off-guard. Wasn’t informed of what is going to happen.

At the same time, I wanted to share my thoughts about hadang-hadang.

Honestly, I always look forward to the hadang-hadang part because it is fun to watch, exciting to certain extent. To me, personally, that will be the time where the groom get to “break the ice” with bride’s cousin, relatives and so forth.

Even when I got married back then, I did asked my wife “How many road blocks you are preparing for me ? “

We discussed the “RULES of ENGAGEMENT”.

I remembered telling her that do not asked me to do some stupid stuff. Example :

  1. Don’t make me to do push ups because it is degrading to Raja Sehari.
  2. Dancing, singing – OK but within limits lah.
  3. Don’t ask for blue note or orange note.
  4. No last minute insertion. No ridiculous demands. I will prepare exactly the “fines”. If there is last minute insertion and the demand is ridiculous, you are putting me and my entourage in a situation.

Other than that, I am ok. My best men should be ok to handle that. My wife knows me. So, me and my best men had to face 3 “road blocks” on the actual day.

I prepared 3 flower coin pouches with lots of coins in each one of them. I prepared another 3 coin pouches. These 3 coin pouches are the expensive ones. Those “crocodile” skin type. I prepared spare cash envelope for the ladies only. The ladies will still get the pouches.

On top of that, I have my Joker card – Abang Shukor, my Pak Andam. If the hadang-hadang is taking too long, he will cut in and make sure we will go through. Which he did for our 1st road block.

My only concern for my hadang-hadang if I had to do something. Seriously, I really cannot / do not know what to expect / predict. Alhamdullilah, everything went well. BUT but but…..later that night, I kena “whacked” by her brothers. Because in the flowery coin pouches, I put a lot of coins of Malaysian and Thailand currencies. Not forgetting, the chocolate coins as well.


My take-aways for you all is :-

  1. Plan, discuss and agree on the arrangement.
  2. Cascade to your parents, siblings and relatives.
  3. Try to be a sport within limits. Who says Raja Sehari can’t have fun and putting smiles on people’s faces.
  4. Try to accommodate to each other wants. Don’t force.
  5. Do cascade to your parents, siblings, relatives, cousins, bridesmaid, best men and others that may partake in the hadang-hadang. Again.
  6. At the end of the day, to each its own.

** I felt weird when I saw my grooms had to do push ups and burpees. 
** I also felt inappropriate as I have witnessed a last minute insertion of “road-block” with ridiculous demand. I had to give a blue note to my groom just to get things moving smoothly. 

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