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For Latiif and Desinta, they never had the intentions to have video services for their wedding day. So they really did not plan for it. Not until, Desinta came across one of my raw wedding video clips.

Then, they realized they need video services to capture their big day. When comes to “hadang-hadang”, the bride usually would not be able to witness it live. You know, “hadang-hadang” can really be fun. It just add more joy and laughter to the occassion.

After constant communication between us via Facebook, they began to see that wedding video services is able to capture moments which wedding photography can’t. That is, being able to experience it all over again. The noise, running emotions, the tears flowing down, the motion, etc.


This is the MOST UNDESIRABLE SITUATION for any couples. It is always the case of do we need it or we can live without it.

I remembered Latep mentioned, since it will be once in a lifetime. Might as well go for it. Then…


That’s the BIGGEST restriction Desina and Latep had. So little time to save for a budget.

They decided to go with one video maker package, which is $1400.00 for 10 hours coverage. Our biggest challenge was to make it manageable for them, in terms of budgeting.

We realized that 4 months to save that money can be stressing. So we made a certain arrangement to make it bearable. The deal sealed. (They do have additional request which is wedding photo montage, you can read it here.)

Singapore Malay Wedding Photo Services - Orangefill


Coming from my own personal experience, Groom will always lose out. Lose out in terms of coverage.

When you took 1 person package, be it photo or video services for your wedding, there is only so much a 1 person can do. Generally, as what industry practice, we will always provide more coverage for the Bride. Most of the important events will happened on the Bride side.

When Desinta and Latep said, “Nazrin, you will cover the Groom. We got the photographer to cover Desinta.”

I had to double confirm twice about their request. In terms of practicality and fairness, they were spot on. Lelaki pun nak attention. 🙂



The most important question you should be asking, DO YOU NEED VIDEO SERVICES ?

You must answer this question brutally honest. If you do need it, start putting aside a budget. Begin your enquiry with your preferred vendor. Then, the back ups that resonate with you.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. The latest timeline should be at least 6 months prior to your wedding.

It is important for you to ask a lot of questions and talk to the vendors. Find out which ones resonate with you. Find out which ones you can trust. Find out which ones you can build a relationship with.

So I leave you with Desinta and Latep wedding highlights.

If you have any questions about wedding video and photo services, feel free to drop me an email via the form below. Looking forward to your email and to make your wedding planning experience a little bit more pleasant.

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