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I had a coffee session with a couple who are searching for a malay wedding video services. We met. We talked about the wedding. I answered their questions. And I always ask my favourite questions, ” How did you meet ?, Where ? and How did it happen ? ”

You could see the glitters in the Bride To Be’s (BTB) eyes, instantly. She was so excited to share her story.

” It all started at tong sampah….”


So, I said ” What ? Tong sampah ? This is interesting. Tell me. “

You see, typically, when BTBs shared their story, 75% of the time, Groom To Be (GTB), they will act cool. And, they will be the one who corrected if their partner was wrong about certain details.

So I looked at GTB and asked, ” Seriously ? “

He just nodded and smiling away.


Listening to their story and how they met somehow rekindled me on how I met my wife.

Singapore Polytechnic bus stop.

The differences were :
1. That’s the first time I saw her. Never made any point of contact.
2. I was standing at the green tong sampah.

That coffee session somehow made us feel comfortable with each other as we shared couple of similar instances on how we met our love. 2 weeks later, alhamdullilah, they made the commitment to engage Orangefill as their official wedding video makers.

I am looking forward to their wedding next year in September.

If you are searching for wedding video services, drop me an email.

I will help you in your search and answer all your questions. Feel free and be comfortable with your questions.

Nazrin Salim - Orangefill Video Maker


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