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Make Your Own Facebook Ad Workshop – My First!

When I first started out on my own (wedding video services), people in the industry that I crossed path with, told me of many ways to promote my business.

  1. Tie up with Mak Andams
  2. Go for Wedding Expo
  3. Word of mouth
  4. Network with other vendors
  5. Post on Facebook lah.


This caught my attention. First thing came to my mind, FREE advertising. Second, easy because I already have a Facebook account. And so I did. Seriously, nothing came through.

I have been learning about internet marketing since 2008 so I do have fair knowledge about marketing online. At the same time, I set up my own website. I blogged. Searching for my own online traffic. It seems the method did not work out well for my wedding video business. Maybe the implementation wasn’t right. Maybe the tools I am using weren’t the right fit for my video business.


This time around, I do not want my wedding video business to FAIL. I want to make it happen. I embarked on a learning journey for the past 14 months. Somehow, my interests in Facebook marketing grew. I develop a great interests in online marketing especially Facebook Marketing. I am learning from 5 Facebook coaches, both local and overseas. In total, I have invested close to $4000.00 in those programs and courses. (Shhh, don’t tell my wife)

Beginning this year, Alhamdullilah, my enquiries grew. People start to notice Orangefill. I am generating sales for this year and next. I have enquiries for the year 2017. Would you believe, I have enquiries for 2018.

All because of Facebook marketing.


As I develop my interests in Facebook marketing, I do cross path with other business owners from other industry. Like, E-commerce seller, Designer, Motorcycle selling, Renovation companies, etc.

When the topic of marketing came about, I share my knowledge and mistakes. I would say most took action. About 70% of them said, “Nazrin, you should start a workshop and teach whatever you know. I would not mind paying to learn from you.”

The turning point was when I met this Spa owner. She really want to know how to use Facebook to market. We met. We talked. We shared. She said this, “This is what I want to know. You break them into small bites and now I understand on how to use the features and its processes. You can be a coach, you know. Coach Nazrin. “

Because of her, I was inspired.



It really feels good when you share what you have and learning from others. These participants have shared a lot with me about how they want to market their business and services. In turn, it helps me as well in marketing my video business.



I am planning for the next one in October 2015. Based on the feedback I received, I will fine tune my strategies to make it more simpler to understand and implement. I have one month to prepare and make my sharing session more compact.

If you are keen to learn from my mistakes and Facebook strategies, fill up the form below. I will update you accordingly. On top of that, you will receive tips and case studies from me once a month via email.

Let’s make it happen!

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