Video Making

Pricing is up on my website!

As per my blog post on 2 June 2015, couple of BTBs suggested that I should put up my pricing on my website. This is to save time and for visitors to make a decision faster.

So, I have done it. Now, I will try to drive more online traffic to my website and see how will it performs.


Anyway, wedding season is BACK ! I had the first gig after Hari Raya last Saturday.

Beautiful couple. The groom can sing, dance and play the bass. While the Bride is our new sister to our religion.

As a fellow brother, I feel so proud and happy. I pray for the both of you to have a blissful marriage and may it lasts till Jannah. A-meen.

If you are getting married in 2016 / 2017, do contact me for more information about Orangefill’s wedding video services. Feel free and be comfortable with your questions. No obligations to engage Orangefill wedding video services. I, personally, do not mind a single bit if we are not preferred.


** Psst…… Let me know what you think of my website with the pricing addition.


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