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Mojo Rising Studios – Is this for real ?

I have provided video marketing services to small businesses and home-based businesses. Occasionally, I will render my shooting time for BambooPictures Production for their corporate video works. But for National Day project, seriously, I was kind of afraid but would love the challenge.

I was approached by Mojo Rising Studios to collaborate in providing video services under their branding. I was ok with that as long as I am able to blog about my mistakes and experiences.

It was really challenging as the project was pretty last-minute. I got about 10 days to complete the first draft and prolly another 5 days to make the final edit after inputs by the customers. Managed to get it done and on time.

I am so excited about this project because it will be shown on the big screen. Not on national television and not even in the cinema, but a big screen at padang. So, if on National Day 2015, you happen to be at padang and see this video, it is my work !  Yeah !

– Met the man behind Mojo Rising Studios, Mr Badrul. Saw his portfolio. MAN! This guy is really something. He is a graphic designer, photographer and web designer.
– He approached me and enquire for my video services. The best part about negotiating with him, never did he bargained nor asking for discounts from my stipulate pricing. All he did was,

How much you going to charge me ?
Ok. That’s fine.
I will repackage it so that my company can also earn. You happy. I happy.

– He did a lot of pamphlets, brochure, posters, stage background, restaurant menu, etc. The next time, you go to polyclinics, 50% chances you pick a pamphlet, it was designed by Mojo Rising Studios. Not only that, he is frequently engaged by top pharmaceutical companies in Singapore for their marketing campaign. I am speculating that he is earning hundred thousands per year. Inspirations for me. Now, how can I earn hundreds thousands per year through wedding videography ?

– It is not that simple. Yeah, I thought it was simple but it wasn’t.
Copywriting, what the hell I want to write about the company ? Luckily, we met the manager of Tiong Hwa to find out more about the company and the expectations of the video.
Just put photos and simple words will do. That’s not the case. Without any clear-cut guidance, I decided that the video should be able to market the company in terms of what it does, what it can do and how viewers can reach out to them. Keep it simple, direct and sweet.
Music Copyrights. Don’t play-play with this matter. I could not get much info from Tiong Hwa’s manager. I presume the NDP 2015 organizing committee will take care of music licensing. But, on my end, I need to be able to protect Tiong Hwa. Just to be safe, we invested in music copyrights so that Tiong Hwa Steel Structures can use this video for public display and at the same they can use this video for their future online marketing except for TV broadcast.
– This time around, it is not video editing, it is more on Effects Editing and Creation. You have to dictate how fast or how slow you want the square, lines moves. In a way, you need to inject life into your design. Simply put, after this experience, this is not my forte BUT, it helps me to see the opportunities and dimensions it can give to my video editing. I am going to invest on this Effects Editing lessons.

I am just glad both Tiong Hwa Steel Structures and Mojo Rising Studios are happy with my work. Seriously, this experience split me open in terms of my capabilities which I am going to invest in. Strengthen a bit my weaknesses.

It also have taught me how to value myself. Mr Badrul from Mojo Rising Studios was eagerly and happily shared his entrepreneur tips and guidance with me. These past 10-15 days, I learned a lot from just listening to him and observing him.

Thank you Sir. Looking forward to our next project and crafting out our own niche.

If you are looking for video services to craft out your corporate portfolio, company event coverage or video marketing, you can contact me Contact.

If you feel that I could the one for you, don’t hesitate. Contact me to find out more.


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