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A total humbling video experience

For the past 2 weeks, it has been a total hectic week. A sudden surge of demand for my video services. Not in terms of wedding but more of video for businesses. Be it corporate portfolio and online video marketing.

Initially, I was reluctant to take them up as I thought I just want to focus on weddings. Not ready for the corporate and business world. Something inside me was saying, ” Just do it. Charge what you worth. No loss made. No pain, no gain. Just whack only. “

Opportunities came from government sector, small and medium businesses. Somehow or rather, I came in highly recommended. I was lost. I was being referred by people that I had never render my services to. They know about me through this blog, my website and my Facebook profile. I am so thankful that I was referred as good and honest videoman. Alhamdulillah.

By end of June, I will be helping a government body producing a video presentation for their community and students orientation program.

I am working on a NDP project under an advertising company. So check out, Mojo Rising Studios.

Mojo Rising

Recently, I have just completed an online video marketing for Mariyahs Asia for their Eid 2015 collection promo.

Not forgetting, Rosita By Rosita Hussin.

On top of these on-going projects, I still have wedding video deadlines to meet. Honestly, I don’t think I can meet them. Thankfully, my couples understand. There is a clause if I cannot deliver with the given deadline, I have to extend $50.00 off per week. I am bleeding money in my wedding video department.

While I am going through this experience, I am so thankful that there are nice people out there who secretly track my progress. They came out and give me a heads up. Guide me through. I was totally taken aback with their generosity and advises.

Through this experience, I crossed path with business owners who are earning $50k – $150k per project. Part of their project involves video making as well. I feel so small and at the same time, humbled when they asked me ” How much I earn through wedding video ? ”


If you are looking for video services for your company or business, contact me to find out more.

If you are thinking how to use video to market your products or services, feel free to contact me and I will be more than willing to share a few tips on how to.



4 thoughts on “A total humbling video experience

    1. Salam Sis Nana Nadhirah,

      Yes Sis. This is my first project for him. We are intending to expand this video services under Mojo Rising Studios.

      In Sha Allah, di murah kan rezeki kita dengan Badrul.

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