Video Making

Makcik Gerekz and Satay ! – [ Nizam | Safarina – Wedding Video ]

This wedding have to be the most memorable one for me and my team in 2015.


– The bride’s makciks are like my own makciks. Kecoh, Fun, Friendly, Suka Menyakat.
– In this this video, you can see they are poking fun at our photographer, Farid Fotography, who was on the dais.
– They were mimicking Farid’s actions every time he wanted to take photo.


– We have to admit this, the videomakers and photographers, cannot concentrate because of the satay smell.
– We are guilty because we kept looking at the buffet table to monitor that it is not finish.
– This is our first time witnessing satay being served as part of the usual wedding menu.
– We ask the couple how much Harun Satay charge, $0.70 per stick. That’s it. They served 5000 sticks on that sunday.
– Harun Satay is my favourite satay stall. For your info only.

NIZAM | SAFARINA – Wedding Highlights

I was highly recommended by Nizam’s uncle. Seriously, I personally, had never render my services to the uncle. So I was in awe when Bro Yusof told the couple that he trusted me because I came as a person that is honest, hardworking and not afraid to admit mistakes during our coffee session with the couple. How did he find out about me ? He came across this blog, my website and we had 2 coffee meet ups before.

On top of that, I was tasked to search for a wedding photographer as well. I had no problem with that as I have Farid Fotography as my working partner in weddings. Bro Yusof is also a photographer but he is not into weddings.

The challenge I had with Nizam and Safarina is that, they are quite reserved on camera. It is my style that I dig deeper into couple’s love story so that I can use it in the wedding video. But they are not willing to. So, I rather not to push it to an extent it will create an uncomfortable experience for them. But on a personal level, they are a great company to chit chat and laughed with.

I hope you like my interpretations of Nizam | Safarina wedding.

If you are looking for a wedding video services, do hesitate to contact me for more details. Feel free and be comfortable with your enquiry. I would take my time to address them.


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