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Hi BTBs and GTBs,

I really do need your help.

You see, when I was planning to get married back in 2010, I will surfed the internet to check out wedding vendors. Back then, I was not on FB, I was on Multiply and Friendster. That’s how I found my wedding vendors.

Fast forward today, I am providing wedding video services. I am on the other side of the fence. I have crossed path with a number of business owners, both related and non wedding related. I had mixed responses about putting up pricing on my website, I really love to hear you thoughts as a customer.

If you reading this blog post, do share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

1. How does the availability of pricing breakdown help you in your wedding video search ?

2. What will help you in your decision making ?

3. Is my draft copy contains enough information ?


This way, I am able to make some tweaks accordingly to better serve future couples. I would appreciate your kind inputs and sharing.


9 thoughts on “I NEED YOUR HELP…

  1. Salam Nazrin, personally i feel that your draft copy is good enough, this will sure make our decisions much more easier. Honestly, me, myself gt soo irritated when i emailed for pricing, they very reluctant to reveal, even when i told them i just want to have a rough gauge on their pricing or when i ask them for their current package.. they will keep on asking for exact dates, and when they find that its still far ahead, they just shut me up by saying : “ouh sorry, belum ade pricing lagi la for that year, email us again next year.” bole eh macam gitu?

    1. Salam Azharwaty1604,

      Firstly, thank you for your comments. Seriously, it helps me a lot. Because of your comments, I am going to put it up on my website. If it helps you, I am sure it will helps other BTBs.

      Sekiranya, you are searching for a wedding video services and you find that I fit your bill, I am going to extend discounts in your pricing.

      Feel free and comfortable in asking me anything about wedding related stuffs. I will share my experiences.

      Once again, thank you Sis. Your comments really help me a lot in my processes.

  2. Salam nazrin, personally from my point of view i agree with the btb above, it saves the hassle of requesting the vendors fr quotation, afterall if i can see what I am paying for with the price, then its more clear cut, i might as welll choose something worth paying for n value for money, thats fr me though..i dont like that some vendors charge way too expensive n den attitude mengada-ngada n bcos they are popular already, when we ask certain requests they took a very long time to reply because they are busy..then where is the customer svc kan..

    1. Thank you Sis ariescinderella.

      I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my blog post. Thank you for sharing your opinions.

      Saves the hassle – Yes, that’s what I felt too back then when looking for wedding vendors zaman2 Multiply.

      Thank you. I will put up my pricing on my website soon.

      I would also like to extend the same offer to you as I did for Sis azharwaty1604 but you already booked your wedding video service.

      Trust me, VideoSmith is good in their own rights. Their style is quite refreshing to me personally. Good choice Sis.

      Thank you so much once again. You do not know how much I value your comments and feedback.

      1. Terima kasih nazrin, no worries we help each other to know vendor n client perspectives πŸ™‚

  3. Honestly your draft is straight to the point, very upfront which I like. Competitive pricing too so no reason to hide it. Personally it would help me immediately shortlist or disregard the vendor since I would immediately know if they’re within my budget or not. I think this is better than making people wait for you to send them your quote directly because during busy periods, you might be slower in replying to emails than other vendors with more staff and just like that you miss out on a potential booking.

    You might want to include equipment details especially if you have anything unique. Like my videographer (Merah in Motion) has a crane for aerial cinematography. To me, the term itself is a buzzword that piques my interest. Something distinctive that makes your quote stand out will make it much more memorable. You will linger in their minds longer and honestly it worked for me

    The only thing I would be wondering about if I saw this draft is why there’s such a big range for the wedding video and highlight reel.. it’s basically double. Or do you have separate quotes for 1 day and 2 day weddings? In any case, maybe you could include a minimum guarantee or an asterisk with a note below to explain the wide range you’ve quoted like “1 day event minimum 20 minute event video, 2 day event minimum 30 minute event video”.

    Of course these are just my thoughts as a BTB.. not a professional videographer so I don’t know if what I’m saying is practical…

    1. Salam Sis,

      Firstly, thank you so much for leaving a comment here and taking some time out reading my blog post. I really appreciate it.

      I like your view on faster response and shortlisting. Personally, I felt it should go both ways for customer and service providers. The main thing here is to save time and make the overall wedding planning experience a little bit easier and pleasant.

      Buzzword, that’s totally interesting. I will look into this.

      Big range of wedding video and highlights. Basically, it all depends on the choice of song, video direction, story boarding and also the discussion I had with my couples. It varies. For example, typically, I do not allow my couple to choose the songs.
      1. I want them to just enjoy the wedding and allow me to interpret their wedding through my eyes.
      2. I want the wedding video to be able played back on YouTube or online platform that doesn’t penalize for copyrights.
      3. I had covered wedding events ranging from just 6 hours to 15 hours. That’s also translate into their final video. I will have more video clips to work with for the longer wedding events.
      4. There are occasions where the couple really insisted to use their preferred song. Happened so the song is only 2 minutes and 45 seconds for their wedding highlights. And I am stuck. So, I must be able to create a wedding video highlights of good content and length.

      That’s the reasons I do not specify video playback timing. This way, it gives both of us rooms to explore and to manage the expectations. I would look into your suggestions on how I can better implement the idea or to make some tweaks.

      Separate quotes, I am trying to make things simple and easy. That’s the reason I come up with only one pricing. Easy for couples to decide. Less headache to make comparisons. Since you mentioned this part, I realized that I forgot to include the number of coverage hours in the draft. Thank you for highlighting this part. I would look into your suggestions on how best I can share the pricing for different wedding events.

      Your sharing and thoughts are so valuable to me. From the point of view of a customer, that’s so important. I sincerely appreciate it. Whatever you have just shared will help me in my own learning journey in making it out there on my own. Thank you.

      I believe if there are other wedding video service providers who came across this blog post, I sincerely hope it will help them in their own processes and also allow couples to have more understanding and some ideas. Thank you so much for your sharing.

      I would also like to extend the same offer to you as I did for Sis ARIESCINDERELLA but you already booked your wedding video service.

      If you have any wedding related questions, feel free to contact. Whatever I can help, I will. Whatever contacts I have, I will share.

      Lastly, thank you so much. πŸ™‚

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