Video Making


I started to publish a blog on my website, I wrote about my couple, Hamdan | Aisyah, for the first week of April 2015.

It is a common sight for me when I was growing up. Watching my uncles and aunties got married. There will always be dais in my grandparents’ house.

Read more over here :

Photos used in blog post were taken by AD Photographyz. Check them out. The photographers for that event were super duper friendly and very helpful. They really inspired me and my team in this regards. I will like to see how I can replicate their style and work processes. Integrate that into my system.

So, don’t forget to check them out and like their FB Page.

PRINTER 11138172_820054901364577_4327550625989584059_n 10995476_820054914697909_166559335909981280_n 10410768_819482078088526_7450393974773513142_n 11130272_819482761421791_9032320760174535219_n


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