Wedding Videos

Traffic Jam Panic !

It always a practice for me and my partner to turn up early for wedding assignment. On 17 Jan 2015, the “road accident” really put our “system” to the test.

My partner supposed to report to bride’s place at 11.30am. I am supposed to report at the community centre at the same timing. Typically, we would left our house 30-45 minutes earlier. Both of us were late! This is our first time being really really late. THIS IS LIKE 30 MINUTES LATE ! Inside my mind “Macam mana ni, majlis orang!” 

I was caught in the traffic jam caused by an accident at the junction BKE into TPE. That’s the whole bottle neck. Not only that, once I clear that portion, there is another accident along PIE from CTE junction. Another bottleneck. My destination is Geylang and I am coming from Woodlands.

The accident along the PIE from CTE junction was really major. Because, my partner was stuck in the slow moving traffic from BKE all the way to that particular junction of PIE/CTE. We cannot use our phone as we were driving.

We were lucky to have the official photographer Azfian who is so kind in trying to calm the bride and explaining. When my partner reached bride’s place, he explained and apologized for being late.

Because of this incident, me and my partner in crime decided that we need to leave the house one hour earlier. No excuses. Which we did for our weddings in March and April this year.

As for the wedding itself, everything is great. There is only one thing that I am in total awe. THE DESSERTS DISPLAY. If I remember correctly, it was done by Dessert Artisans. Seriously, it was so gorgeous. The people over at Dessert Artisans are very creative. So, if you are looking for one, check out Dessert Artisans Website.




I am actually quite curious because it seems for the past one year, quite a number of wedding photographers that I worked with, they are not using flash. I am not from a photography background so my knowledge and understanding is pretty limited. I want to know why. So, I casually asked Azfian. Amazingly, he explained the rationale and showed me the shots he took. I was like WOW.

10383905_813472882051661_2756621595613368836_n 10980752_813472555385027_7488654535098044772_n 10898067_797964100269206_3337612416512659007_n

So if you happen looking for wedding photo services, do check out Azfian Anuar Photography.

New year – New challenges.

It is totally different when you are working for someone and when you are running your own show.

I lost a couple of video makers to different reasons. My long time and trusted partner decided to pull the handbrake due to family and work commitments. While the other video maker, decided to make it out on his own. But I did gained a new video maker who has personally voiced out his commitment to Orangefill.

So, when I first started back in Jan 2014, it was like 1 man. As time goes by, it were 4 men. Now, it is 2 men. It might take a while for me and my new partner to gain momentum and re-align the style and approach. I know my partner, Faisal, is doing his best in finding his groove for Orangefill. During our peak season March – April 2015, I saw the big improvements he made. I am very appreciative on his efforts. 

I am looking forward to make good videos with him on-board.

If you are doing your research about wedding video services, you can start with me. I would be more than happy to help you in your search for wedding video services.

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