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I came across a fellow wedding video maker made a police report.

Currently, there is somebody going around impersonating Once Upon Images selling wedding video services and have collected deposit payment. This is not true as he or his partners have collected any form of payments from the affected clients.

The boss, Ryan Muhaimin, has made a police report regarding this.

So, if there are BTBs and GTBs out there who have recently deal with Once Upon Images, please double confirm your correspondence with Ryan Muhaimin.  Here, I have inserted a screen shot of his FB profile. Make sure you are liaising with this guy.

Ryan Muhaimin

Seriously, this somebody is too much. Tarnishing the reputation of a honest working man.

Keep a look out for your friends who in their wedding planning stage.

Semoga Allah mempermudahkan segala urusuan Ryan dan Once Upon Images.

Stay strong my friend. If it happen to me, I cannot sleep and will be stressed out.

This is receipt issued to a couple by the FAKE GUY!


** Take note of the statement issued by Once Upon Images. 


13 thoughts on “WARNING !! POLICE REPORT MADE !!

    1. Yes Sis. Do spread the news. If your friends who really want his services, share the links with them.

      Because the owner is under my friends list. I can verify that is really him.

  1. Unbelievable that these kind of people existed. How can someone impersonating a company?

    So how can we differentiate which one is the real Once upon Images with the conman? Thank you. Will spread the news!

    1. In my blog post, I have linked Ryan Muhaimin and Once Upon Image with the direct links to respectively FB profile and official website.

      So, to be safe, correspondence via FB. Make reference to this blog post because Ryan Muhaimin is in my friends list. I have worked with him personally on one occasion.

      I have updated the blog post with a fake receipt copy issued to a couple.

  2. Hello and thank you everyone for sharing this. While this incident has passed almost a year later, I would like to let everyone know that the Police doesnt do much as the number of reports about this guy impersonating us needs to be substantial enough to warrant an arrest.

    Regardless, it is still wise to continue with the police report as I know that my side has been covered.

    Whenever you enquire with us, we will always issue you with our brochure which this guy didnt.

    We will always make sure that you have signed our booking form, terms & conditions, and invoices before making payment, unlike this guy.

    And we only make most arrangements through our email which has our company domain. So any email by us such as is our own email.

    Do be careful. People are still out there to cheat.

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