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Got a working opportunity to do a video for a business. This time, it was Maketh Project.

Seriously, 3 ladies and leather, what do you get ? I personally find them sexy, confident, rejunevating and unbelievable.

I do not know that you can make your own leather product in just 3 hours. They will be there to guide you along. You don’t need the basics. To me, as long as you know how to use scissor and ruler, you can make your own leather product in no time.

For dating couples, if you do not know what else to do on your weekend dates, try this. Something new. You can make your wallet, coin pouch, lighter case or anything. Pricing wise, I find it affordable and reasonable with all the materials provided.


Video is essential to any business as long as you know where to use them in your business marketing structure.

For Maketh Project, I have constructed in such a way that :-

  1. It must not be sales sleazy because leather crafting is an art business. Art business has its certain value.
  2. It has to showcase the process involved that it can be done by anyone.
  3. It has to provide an entry point to generate interests. So, I used each owner’s set of values and beliefs.

With these in mind, the question that I always ask myself, can the video I produced to be replaced with only Text and Images ? The answer must be NO. If the answer is YES, I failed to help them in creating them a video.

If you need a video for your business, contact me to find out more at


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