Video Making



Claim your offer of $300.00 discounts!

I usually provide my wedding video services at $1900.00. With this offer, your wedding video package will be $1600.00.

1. 2 VideomakersWhy 2 videomakers ? Can I have just one ?
– Usually, the groom will be on the losing end. No coverage. That’s why we provide 2 videomakers.
– Yes, one videomaker with 2 camera can still get the job done and with more footages BUT, the groom will never get coverage. That’s always the case.
– I love to put someone behind the camera. I don’t like putting a camera on a fixed position without someone manning it. The camera cannot go hunting for moments without its cam operator.
– We don’t just come to your wedding with a video camera. We do invest in film-making technique. So there is a need for us to bring extra equipment. You can refer to my gear list. Film-making equipment comes with film-making techniques and knowledge.

2. Production charges includedSeriously, what does it really means ?
– This section usually covers the editing part. Getting editors crafting out and interpret your wedding.
– We are not talking about burning all the video clips that we captured into 7 DVDs.
– There is storyboarding, color grading, selection of good video clips out of possibly 100GB data, design the DVD label, etc.
– A small portion from this budget will go into DVD purchases and printing services.

Sapuan Mahirah

3. 1 copy of DVD with hard coverIf you ask for a 2nd copy, we will give it to you for no additional charges.
– Yes. 1 DVD copy without locking. Meaning, you can duplicate your DVD copy on your own. We allow you to duplicate yourself.
– Consists of 3-7 minutes of wedding highlights. Truthfully, this kind of editing is for you. Short, sweet, compact and filled with love.
– There will be another edit of event coverage. This will be roughly about 20-40 minutes. Mainly, this kind of edit is meant for your parents and pakcik-makcik. Trust me, it is kinda boring but people love it. My working experience with Encik Yusman 2 years ago, comes in handy.
– Total playback duration is about 45 minutes. I believe this is a good timing. Not too long, not too short for you to watch together-gether with your family or relatives.

4. 8 weeks to deliverwhat takes you so long ?
– To go through 60-100GB of video clips is no easy task. And to pick the best video clips is a real headache. This process usually can cause migraine to editors.
– Loose calculations – 1GB = 5 minutes, so if 100GB = 500 minutes of video clips. Usually, editors have to look through twice to select the best ones.
– To arrange your video clips so it will create a nice flow, another challenging but fun process.

Asyraf - Azean

5. All your captured video clips shall be returned.
– When collecting your wedding video, don’t forget to bring your portable HD. We will transferred all video clips back to you. I don’t see the point in keeping them.

6. I have the full creative control of the final outcomeWhy seh? We pay you tau.
– I know you pay me. I want you to view your wedding video from me and my team point of view. How we interpret your wedding.
– We don’t do it blindly. Meaning, we MUST have a coffee session so that we can find out about your likes and dislikes.
– You and your partner need to fill up a questionnaire which both of you have to do it separately.
– At the end of the day, you get to experience your wedding from another angle.

So, if you feel that me and Orangefill is the right one for you, claim your offer over here!



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