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Wedding season just finished. In a way or another I am having another short break before April starts. BUT my editing jobs still not finished yet. I need to clear them before April. That’s when another short season of wedding video gigs coming in.


For the past month and a half, I have been following a couple of Bride To Be blogs. I am thankful for the reciprocal support and follow. I was like ” This is hot stuff. ” Hot stuff because there were so much information being shared about wedding vendors, personal buying experiences, their thoughts and views and many more.

I was like why back then when I was planning my wedding, I did not really think or look up about BTBs blogs. Thank you to all BTBs for sharing your experiences. That’s really wonderful and really helpful.


I started to design websites for a fee. I have been playing with website designs for couple of years. Exploring almost every good website builders out there since 2009. Only this year, I decided to design website for a fee. This is doable for additional income for me. This is great!

Hue & M - Innovate - Create

Check out Hue N M – Create | Innovate

More coming up. Within 2 weeks, I am being engaged by 3 business entities to do up their websites. A-meen for the extra rezeki.


I am going to have a super weeks and months ahead. Within the next 3 weeks, I am meeting 3 potential couples for wedding videography package. I hope I can convert them into sales.

VIDEO WORKSHOP FOR BUSINESS – After my first successful video making sharing session, I was requested by quite number of business owners if I am able to conduct video making sharing session for business owners. I agreed and in the planning stage. I am going to help them on how video can add online traction for their branding, awareness and it is not daunting. And the best part, they can even use their handphone to make video and produce good standard quality video. That’s my commitment. Request from Sea Sports niche, Make Up niche, Bakery niche, Wedding Gifts niche and House Agents niche. I am upbeat about this.

FREELANCE TURN IN-HOUSE – I am so thankful that one of my freelancers (actually, my apprentice), decided to go onboard my video production team. He is committed to be part of Orangefill setup. A-meen. Less headache looking for videomakers in the future. I remember 7 months ago when he approached me to teach him video making, I said ” I will teach you everything that you are able to set up your own company. “ I am so grateful that he wants to be part of Orangefill.

VIDEO FOR BUSINESS – I just completed a video production for a local leather crafting company. I will sharing my experiences in producing the video soon. In the mean time, you guys can check out Maketh Project.

VIDEO TRAINER / FB ADs TRAINER – I am not sure how things will go about this matter. I was approached by one of the local entrepreneur to be a part of his training setup. Teaching video making and how to use paid Facebook Marketing. I really hope this opportunity will materialize in the near future. As of now, there is no black or white. I am excited when approached. I just could not believe it.

SINGAPORE PAINTBALL – I was playing paintball competitively from 2010 – 2012. That’s when I injured my knee really bad. Because of the injury, I rekindled with my lost passion, videography. Nevertheless, paintball was my training ground for my video making when I first started. Over time, my video gained recognition and was given opportunity to cover the event. This year is my third year doing this. Just my own way giving back to local paintball community.

15 seconds madness >>>

I AM GUILTY – I am guilty because for 7 weeks spanning from mid Nov 2014 and Jan 2015, I did not spend a single weekend with my wife and son. I am thankful that wifey is understanding but my son, he could not understand. For past 3 weekends, it was a swimming weekend for my son. My son just loves to play water but afraid of water at the same time. Liat betul untuk dia mandi. Main air, nak pulak. I could not believe it that he could spend 4 hours straight in the baby pool.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.



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