Video Making


Last Friday, I conducted my first ever video making sharing session to anyone who are keen in learning video making or to better their video making techniques.

I sincerely want to make a big difference in one’s video making journey. So, I keep the group participants to just 6 people. For every sign up, I requested a problem that they need help. Just one most troubling problem. I will solve them during the session.

During the session, I will cover the fundamentals and basics of video making. I will share my mistakes. I will also share simple tips, tweaks, content and structure that can more value in their own video making processes. I only share the most important and critical things that will help to make a huge leap in each participants video making journey. That was my game plan.


Honestly, I am excited. At the same time, I am confident that I can solve all the participants problems because I have one week to prepare. At the same time also, I am quite nervous and scared that I might not be able to help them. Nak kirakan, my feelings were all over the place lah.


Those 6 people who turned up, a mixture of newbies and working professionals, just blew me away with their enthusiasms and the eagerness to learn. I was humbled. I just said Bismillah in my heart and told myself, LET’S DO THIS.

Some want to know how to improve their video quality and I shared with them on what to do in order to create a work value so that they can double their current pricing. I helped them define what they have been doing and their processes. So now, they have a better understanding of their own processes. I am totally blown away when their confidence increased to face their problems in video making.


One, I shared with him the purposes and reasons on why such techniques exists. Why some wedding cinematographers are doing it. How different is it to focus between photography and videography. How do you maintain your focusing distance between you and the subject. Also, deconstructing certain aspects of wedding videography/cinematography.


One, I shared with them the structure in making a video for promotional purposes. Solely informational video production and how it should help her business.

2015-02-27 22.59.55


There were also flaws and weaknesses that I discovered and analyzed.
1. 2 hours – is still short duration to help them in making a really big difference in their video making journey.
2. Lack of practical trying out.
3. Lack of proper visual presentations and examples. (In terms of preparations)
4. I cannot really help those who own Nikon DSLR cameras. Seeing them putting them aside really crushed me. But they stayed on and carried on with the session.
5. No toilet breaks. (That’s so mean of me)
6. I bought light refreshments and I forgot to distribute them out.

The whole session was an eye-opener for me. In a way or another, I do learned a thing or tow and get inspired by the participants.


Creative Media Shootz – Their eagerness and thirst to learn and to better themselve is purely overwhelming me. Trust me, if you are having doubts about what you want to do, JUST DO IT! These group of people just prove me the power of JUST DO IT. So, check them out.

There is a working full time wedding photographer who attended my session. I mean, this guy is a freaking pro! Just look at the photos he shot over at Cinnamon Tree Production. The best part is Cinnamon Tree Production has a team of 10 wedding photographers. WOW ! That’s a big production team. His name is Rafi, by the way.

There is husband and wife. They are totally newbie in video making. How I wish I could share with you people on their entity but they are not letting out any details yet. I am just waiting for their first informational and promotional videos.

Last, my apprentice and new friend. He was the third “student” I trained. He was the only one who stayed with me for the past 6 months. He was the FIRST PERSON who offered to pay me just to teach him how to make video. I never took up his offer of payment, then. Instead, I taught him for FREE. Share my mistakes, techniques, etc. Honestly, today, he is confident and able to capture wedding on his own and even set a pricing for his service. This video making session will be redundant in his learning journey but he was there! Ma Sha Allah, semangat dia untuk belajar memang membakar sejak dulu lagi.


I feel rejunevated when people appreciate what I did and shared. Suddenly, I feel so motivated and inspired to do more sharing sessions and to better myself in video making.

To all the participants, thank you for making my video making sharing happened. Thank you for the opportunity. I have promised you that I will help you to make a difference in your video making for next 8 weeks. I will do that. Hold me to that.

** Photos from Faisal and Creative Media Shootz


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