Video Making

Video Making Sharing Session – It’s FREE

I am going to organize my first video making sharing session.

I have been to couple of these sharing sessions when I first embarked on my video making learning journey. Honestly, it is good to see how others interpret differently about the same thing. It is also refreshing to know how they use technique to their advantage. I personally gain during these sessions.

Sharing Session

For my video making sharing session, I am going to help to solve each participant most teething issues when comes to video making. I am going to equip them with a basic set of skills, knowledge and techniques by the time the sharing session ends. That’s my personal aim.

If you have or know friends who :-

  1. Just purchased a Canon DSLR for video making
  2. Loves video making but yet to embark on his/her video making journey
  3. Simply love video making

Let them know of my sharing session. Ask them to reserve their spot via this link :-

I am limiting the number of participants to only 6. This way, I am able to help with their most teething issues.

It is 2 hours session and it is FREE. No payment involved.

Some people have asked me this, ” Why you want to do this ? “

1. I want to help because when I first started, it was time consuming and tiring to find the answers that I am looking for and for 1 year, I do not have a mentor.

2. I want to expose my weakness. I want to know what are my new weaknesses.

3. Sharing your knowledge is like donating blood. New blood will be generated. I am confident it will a good opportunity to meet new people, to learn from them, to bounce off ideas.

If you know someone who will benefits from my sharing session, ask them to reserve their spot over here :-


If happen so you are still looking for a wedding video services, send me an email. Find out if we are perfect match. No obligations to engage my services at any point of time.

There is on-going promotion till 31 March 2015. 


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