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2015, here I come! [ A long read .. ]

Looking back at this blog of mine, I have to give myself a pat on the back. I never thought I could go on this far ever since I embarked on my video learning journey.

In Oct 2011. I injured my knee and was into my 10th month of married life. I could not play paintball competitively. And I need an outlet to de-stress myself. That’s how I rekindled my lost interests of videography or video making. My learning curve was so steep when I started. I was hungry for information. I was keen to get my foundation right.

Within six months of purchasing my first DSLR, solely for video making, I never looked back. Within that six months, it was draining and tiring because I spent a lot of sleepless nights watching video tutorials, attended online web-classes, seeking video making opportunities and made huge investment on video making equipment. You can take a look at my gears list.

Armed with inspirations and willingness to work hard and get dirty, I emailed couple of local wedding video companies for working opportunities. But none of them replied. I followed couple of popular video makers and cinematographers online but they took ages to reply. I told myself that I could not let others slowed me down. I cannot wait for others to teach me. I need to get out there, make mistakes and get criticized. That’s what I did.

I started my own thread in Clubsnap forum documenting all my mistakes. All criticisms I received, I took it in my stride. Today, my thread has the highest viewership in a specific forum.

Top Forum Views Clubsnap

My proudest moment when my Dragon Naga video was selected to feature in the local Clubsnap forum. That was a nice feeling.

PAINTBALL INSPIRES ME – Paintball played a major part in my learning journey. It provides me the platform to go out there and get it all wrong. Make mistakes. Both local and overseas paintballers were very encouraging. Abang Shamsuddin and Shoot In Rage provided me the very first gig. Soon enough, Singapore Paintball Series provided me the same opportunity. Not only, I was given a paid job to create a video marketing for EK Paintball Group Pte Ltd in late 2014. That was awesome.

Somewhere in 2013, I realized that this passion of mine is quite heavy on my pocket. Expensive equipment and licensing, etc. That’s when I figured out that why not let my passion and interests fuel itself. Providing me an income to fuel my video making. That’s how Orangefill was seriously crafted with all business planning and strategy. Not yet official, I want to make the business plan solid. I failed at my previous business venture which is running an online paintball shop. It lasted me over 1 year and a half before I folded it up due to my supplier was bankrupt. To get another supplier, I need to invest in a physical store as one of the many requirements, which I am not willing to invest. I do not want Orangefill to face the same fate. As advised by my accountant buddy, Fazluddin, “It is better to waste ink and paper rather than time and money.” That advise I hold dearly till today! Do check out Fazluddin And Partners.

As Orangefill in the planning stage, I was so lucky to be given working opportunities to work with Pixelwave and CST SG. In my honest and humble opinions, these 2 companies are among the top malay wedding video companies in Singapore. 2 different companies with 2 different set up and styles. They are sublimely superbz in their craft and an industry authority in their own rights. I am greatly influenced by them.

Another working opportunity came by. This time was with BambooPictures. Man, I was exposed to the world of corporate video industry. Mr Rodney was one hell of a guy. He is honest, hard working and creative. He was impressed by my effort in self learning and sharing my mistakes online that he decided to give me a chance. Prolly, I was the cheaper option. For my first job, he already paying me $800 for 8 hours. I was like WHAT !! Syukur alhamdullilah. I even said to him that you can actually pay me $400 as I am newbie. But he claimed that I worth that rates. His views and opinions I truly value as it was honest and transparent where at times, I got hurt by his remarks. You want to grow, you got to see from the outside.

MARCH 2014 – I am going to officially launched my own business entity. And I did. Of course, it was not new to me when comes to doing business. I grew up managing my grandmother stall and failed online paintball shop, I am brave to face what may come. I promised myself to make it right this time. If Orangefill fails, I am going to revive it. No giving up. So, another learning journey started. I read a lot of business materials online and work guides. I stumbled upon Imran. Knowing Imran is an eye opener even though couple of people mentioned that I should not engaged him as he is not proven, untested and unfamiliar. I think they are just jealous. One thing I believe in Imran because he is frank and open. His words can really made me feel ashamed of my efforts. Engaged him and attended his business bootcamp. One important take away from my engagements with Imran was ” Only you can make or break your business. “

Fast forward to today. I cannot be where I am now without the help, support and criticisms from people that I came across. And of course, my lovely couples who have supported Orangefill.

Herdi’ – A close buddy who is fantastic in his business approaches and visions. Always help me see another angle of things. You can check out Hue&M.

Sani Husin – A fellow theater practitioner back during my acting days. I learned a lot about directing and DOP through him. Video compo, editing, etc. Without his sharing, I am not able to propel in my learning journey.

Bryan from Smart Local – For believing in me. Allowing me to share video making guides with him for his entity.

Shahrul – A quiet supporter. Was my partner in crime in most of my video making gigs. Check out his LNP for photography services.

This humble blog of mine grew from 0 readership to about 600 readership per month recently. Thank you 2012, 2013 and 2014. 2015, Here I come!


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