Video Making

It is not easy, I know…

I have the utmost pleasure and honor in covering their wedding event.

They are the loveliest and happy go lucky couple that I have worked with. But not because of that. Because they reminded me of the things that matters and priorities. I know at some point of our life, we are lost in our own path chasing our dreams, making our lives better, etc. This couple, somehow brought me back to my true north.

Things were on Sapuan’s mind on that day is something that I can relate. I felt lost when I got married. Listening to other people stories on how happy they were and excited and blessed when got married, I felt lost. I thought I had it planned out but it didn’t seems like it. For a few days after I got married, I did not know what to do as a husband and a son. It just brought a whole new dimension.

Sapuan embarrased me with his immense love towards his mom. I love my mom. It is just that my love for my mom cannot be compared to Sapuan’s. All I can say is Mahirah is so lucky to have him as a husband.

Like a malay saying “Sejuk perut mak dia bila mengandung.”

Congratulations to both of you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your milestone.

PS : Wifey, if you are reading this. I love you !


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