Video Making

Last minute booking…

Usually, I will get bookings 3-6 months or even a year before a wedding dates.  For Asyraf and Azean, it was really last minute as in one month notice.

I took up this job because three reasons.

1. I had no bookings for that particular date.

2. I would like to find out on how I can help them in the wedding videography.

3. Why they keep it to the very last minute ? I would like to know.

They came to me as the sweetest couple. Easy going. Funny. We met for coffee and discuss things over. The more we talk, the more comfortable we get with each other. And that’s how I found out on why they kept it to the very last minute.

They are supposed to get married in Feb 2015. Due to unforeseen circumstance, the solemnization had to be pushed forward. The wedding reception will still be carried out in Feb 2015.

This is to realize Asyraf”s father dream. To see him married before Mr Abdul Hamid passed on. MAN ! That is so huge and heartwarming. Both families, especially Azean’s, they are doing their best to make it happen. I can understand that it is not easy to arrange everything at very short notice. To do things at a short notice, a lot of things need to be sacrificed. This is where I saw Asyraf and Azean big hearts. I am sold to help them out.

So I drafted out a package just to suit their needs on the spot. $1800.00 of wedding video investment to be made in one month is really going to burn a big hole in the pocket. I am not running a charity organisation and I value my skills and time. As long as I can cover my costs, I just hope they engaged me.

And they did. And the next thing is, they are media trained. Meaning they are involved in video making day in day out. Azean is a trainer for media/video editing in a school. Whereas Asyraf is a videomaker for a government agency. That’s their rice bowl. MAN !! Suddenly, all eyes are on me.

The big day came. I were covering Asyraf. I saw his dad. There was this one very moment that I saw and it made me cried. Bear this in mind, Asyraf’s dad had a stroke recently. Meaning, he doesn’t has full control of his body.

But what I saw, was a man who wants his son to be happy on his big day. A man who wants to tell his son that everything is going to be okay. A man who is proud to see his son got married. How did he do that without talking ? He did not allowed his wife to help him up from the bed. He wanted to get up all by himself. I cried while capturing this very moment. Mr Abdul Hamid reminded me of my two late grandfathers. The strength and courage that a man should have. In terms of video making, it may not be a beautiful shot. But this is real!

I remembered telling Asyraf that he got to be strong for his dad. Enjoy the day. Show your dad that you are happy. What can I say, praises to Allah, the big day for Asyraf and Azean went smoothly.

Mr Abdul Hamid passed away a week after their big day. Al-Fateha.

This is one wedding video engagement that I would never forget. I am glad that Asyraf and Azean were happy with my work and services that I rendered to them.


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