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All of them love it but not her.

When Wenie first contacted me about re-editing her video, I wasn’t expecting much.

Probably, her wedding videographer did not made her a wedding highlights. Rather, gave her 6 DVD copies of her wedding event. You know, like disc one is from 9am – 11am, disc two is from 11am – 1pm and so forth.

Probably, her wedding videographer is a traditional one man show.

These were what I was expecting. Based on my experience, these kind of shooting style, the good thing is I will have all the unedited shots and her wedding moments. The setback is I would be missing out on the film-making technique. Still, there is so much I can do to make it like how I make my wedding videos.

BOY! I was wrong.

Her videographers were so technically inclined in film-making or cinematography. It has wide shots, mid shots, close-up and super close ups. With these compositions, I can actually move the story more “dramatically”. Not only that, there were sliding and gliding technique. Colors and exposure were all in controls. No shaky shots. Superb!

The setback is there is only one DVD copy. Meaning, her wedding videos is already edited. It also means that I could be missing some wedding moments which I might be interested. It has been color graded and transitions added.

Honestly, her wedding videos were beautifully made. I, myself, really like it. Wenie kept saying she did not like it at all. She said all her family members including her husband love it but not her. I just don’t understand. I probed further.

” There were so many things in the video, not like I imagine it. All I remember that night was my mom’s speech. I really felt it. I treasure all the things she said that night. ”




First thing that I shared with her was the video quality. The DVD quality is already compressed data. If I managed to extract the data, it will further compressed. And if she wants me to deliver in DVD, it will be further compressed. A lot of data are lost.

Second, allow me to interpret your wedding. Meaning, Wenie do not have any creative control. I asked her to watch my wedding videos and share with me her favorites.

Third, I will not deliver in DVD as I do not want to further compress the video quality.

Forth, I am able to deliver in 3 months time because I have other wedding and business video deadlines.

After much discussions and sharing, we agreed.

I am so happy that she like it very much with my re-edit.

2014_10_15_22.30.10 2014_10_15_22.46.51



The only challenge I faced with this assignment was, I could not extract the DVD via Windows Media Player. I search the internet and downloaded couple of programs but CDCheck works perfectly.

The only set back, the video I extracted came in parts instead of the full video. Some parts are missing from the video. So what I did was, I close other running programs and run CDCheck only. Woo Hoo! Now I got all the video.


I am just happy to be able to fulfill Wenie’s expectations. Tonight, I will sleep a happy man.


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