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Sometimes, falling in love is so simple.

No matter how much I pushed, no matter how I tweaked my questions and no matter how I lead them into sharing their love secrets. They only have one reason.

One fell in love because of her voice. The other fell in love because the way he stares at her. Simply, it is just that.

Another thing that is quite unique about them, they are so looking forward in getting married. They really don’t care about the future. They just want to get married. That’s all they can think of. I find it kinda cute.

Get rid of the slider and say hello to Kessler Crane Traveller Jib !

I rarely used crane for wedding assignments because there are 2 things which I am very concerned.

1. SAFETY – My number 1 priority. Crane is bulky and requires a lot of space. You cannot slip or mishandle it because it may lead to accidents like injuring someone, falling down.

2. MANNING INTENSIVE – Seriously, I need a person literally there all the time, even when he is not operating. To operate this, I do need to transfer the cost to the customers, which I am quite reluctant to unless, customers wants it.



The production value it adds to your workflow. It just that simple.

So, once I identified that 2 concerns, I made sure I got all that covered. So, I get one videographer to handle it all day and make sure stay clear of the wedding cake. I do not want Orangefill to be the cause of destroying the wedding cake. That was my fear. Thank to God, it went smoothly but we do need a lot of practise on how to maximize its potential.

PLUS POINTS (compared to my Fotocrane Ultra Light)

  1. Super light weight. Comparable to Fotocrane.
  2. Easy to set up. No cable or “strings” fix up like the Fotocrane.
  3. Easy balancing with the fixed interval slots.
  4. It compact that you can fit into your tripod bag.
  5. No lob-sided camera position. Unlike my FotoCrane, my DSLR tend to slant down more on the left. So, I need to correct the positioning using a mounted ball head.

SETBACKS (compared to my Fotocrane Ultra Light)

  1. No tilting of your camera platform. Unlike Fotocrane, you are able to tilt your camera when doing craning up or down.

FotoCrane UltraLite

My honest opinions are :-

  1. Depends on how you see it. This is a very high quality product. For $1000.00SGD, you are paying for its worth.
  2. At the same time, there are also options like my FotoCrane UltraLite, LCW Trapezist Jib and some China brands which going to cost you half the price.

I will go for the number 2 options as I would like to get more Return Of Investment. Who know, when I got more higher value video assignment in the future, I will invest in Kessler Traveler Jib.

Whatever Rocks Your Boat.


One thought on “Sometimes, falling in love is so simple.

  1. Salam,

    How much is your rate for

    Solemnisation-dinner and next’s wedding reception

    24-26 April.

    I’m sponsoring for m
    y brother in law.


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