Video Making

7 Quick Tips On How To Shoot Video Like A Pro !

Thought of sharing some simple tips or guides that I have learned from fellow wedding cinematographers, videomakers, video business owners for the past 3 years.

These are the common practices which I observed and were taught. This is just a skeleton of the bigger workflow or processes.

7 Quick Tips On How To Shoot Video Like A Pro !

Video making is not so daunting as you may think. With these simple and quick tips, I hope it could inspire you or tip you over the fence to just go out there and make one.

So, grab your hp, camcorder or DSLR and start making a video.

If you have any questions about video making, forward them to me. I will try my best to shorten your research and speed up your learning journey. 

For small business owners, I know you believe that video could works for your business. Contact me to find out. It doesn’t cost you anything, just an email. 

For wedding couples, you want someone than you can trust and comfortable in sharing your story. That’s how I always do for my wedding video services. You can trust me, can you ?


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