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No Wedding Is The Same

Seriously, no wedding is the same. You can say, all malay weddings have this, have that and blah blah. Trust me, no wedding is the same to both bride and groom. After all, it is your wedding. The wedding experience and memories is so unique and meaningful to each couple. I believe same goes to videographers as well.

One of the most memorable thing that happened during this wedding was WE FORGOT THE PHOTOGRAPHER !! Hahahah. That’s was cute. All of us went to Lorong Buangkok for the outdoor shoot. When all of us were happily mingling and waiting, someone popped the question ” So, who is going to take the pictures? ”


I thought I had it…

Seriously, after shooting quite a number of weddings, I thought I have it all under control. Boy, was I challenged.

MOVING CLOUDS – Me and my team members, we have faced this situation before. Where the sun was being blocked and unblocked by the moving clouds. The difference of exposure caused by the moving clouds were so significant that we need to change our settings quite often. We were already shooting at 25fps, 1/50 and ISO100, still, our highlights are clipped. That is how bright it was, even we were under the tentage.

AUTO EXPOSURE – Canon 6D has this function AUTO EXPOSURE. Sure, it is of a great help but to certain extent. When the situation is quite bright, the function really does it job very well. When the condition became cloudy due to the moving clouds, boy, my video clips were so underexposed where I am losing my blacks/shadows details.

You can see what I meant in the video at 02:40 – 02:45

Me and my team member talked about this and we have decided we need to start using ND Fader filters even when we are shooting indoor. That will be our immediate investment. We cannot afford to have this kind encounters again. With ND Fader filters, we should be adjusting the number of stops on the filters instead of  meddling our camera settings.

SELF INDULGENCE / SHIOK SENDIRI – I do not know why I really really love my Samyang 35mm F1.4 that day so much. I was playing with the focusing in and out. Till I forgot about my composition. This is what malay say shiok sendiri. Attention of focusing was so short that at times it was strenuous to the eyes.

Other than that, the rest of the video making process is pretty much similar compared to previous assignments.

Oh, another thing that is unique, this wedding has Ice Kacang Live Station for the guests. It was really refreshing on a hot day.

** If you are looking or want to find out more about my wedding videography services, forward your enquiry to If you do need a video service for your branding, presences, products, forward them as well. We do provide other kinds of video services besides wedding.

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