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Online Content Marketing Video – EK Paintball Group

I was really surprised when Ben “King” contacted me requiring my video services. I mean, a business owner of the largest paintball park operator in Singapore.

He stated that he wanted to do a online video to market for his business. A video that will market the sport itself and aiming to propel sales.

I was hesitant at first because I am not too sure whether I can fulfill his expectations. If I do not take this opportunity, when will I learn and progress. So, told myself, ” Let’s do this “

We met, we discussed, we brainstormed and we tried to manage each other expectations. It was totally a whole different “ball game” compared to making wedding videos.

I have to come up with shot lists. I have to present and describe the final video with the assistance of the shot list. I really the appreciate that Ben and Jane, really pushed me to the point that I felt uncomfortable. Uncomfortable means good. Uncomfortable means I have something lacking. Uncomfortable means I need to buck up.

They have expectations and have to be met. The video have to be precise in terms of information and the visuals have to be enticing. My formula is just get straight to the point and using beautiful effects to enhance the video. I NEED and MUST integrate visuals, concept and music to present the branding and the sport.

Ben wanted only one video which is online video but I wanted to do more for Ben, so I proposed that I will do another video for purpose of presenting during corporate engagements.

All was set and agreed !

But things didn’t go as planned.


– I need actors or volunteers in order to choreograph the actions. If I am able to choreograph, I have more control of the outcome and I can plan my shooting time.

– There were no actors on the day. Ben totally forgot about the arrangement. I became intensed. Knowing that video shooting a recreational games played by non-paintballers, the actions will be way way much lesser and much lesser of aggression.

– What I did was, I tried to talk to the players. Telling them the way to win the game. I planted the “seeds”. It worked though, only for the teams that listened to me. 60% of the time, they are playing the game as though they are shooting a real gun in a battlefield. If you know what I mean. A lot of hiding. A lot of military actions which don’t really worked for paintball games.

– The only consolation I got from Ben, was assuring me to do my best and not to worry so much. I am freaking worried because he is the pay master. I would not want to disappoint him. Every minute, I got to think of something. Out of the 2 days of shoot, only about 30% of the video clips was usable for me.


– WHY WHY WHY WHY !!!! Out of all times, it had to be on the day I shoot. My heli broke down after flying and shooting for freaking 45 seconds.

– When the quadcopter crashed to the ground, my heart sank! I was like OH SHIT. I am going to get it from Ben. I got some explaining to do. Ben was disappointed and still, he did not demand for the heli shots. He kept encouraging me to do my best. Where can you get a nice pay master.

– Luckily, I brought my portable jib/crane. Still, the video composition will not give the same feeling. At this point, it is better than nothing.


– After 2 days of video shoot, time to edit. This took quite a while as I needed a write-up from Ben about his company and what he want to convey in the video. It took quite a while before Ben could replied to me. I understand, they were organizing tournaments in the coming months after February 2014.

– I took the liberty to come up with the write up. I proceed with first draft of editing and presented to them. To do a write up, it is not easy. I am not good with writing. I managed a C6 in my O-Levels. Now I know why video companies provide copywriting services.

The whole production took about 3 months.

What were my ideas and directions for this production ?

1. If a picture paints a thousands words, a video will paint a thousands words at a rate of 25 times per second. 

– It does. I need to grab attention and build influences within the first 15-30 seconds of the video. I need to create that luring feel and making viewers continue watching, engaging them. I believe I did judging from the comments given when Ben and Jane shared the video.

– It is not about mixing visuals, text and music. It is not like that. You have to concept the whole approach. In a way, you got to tell a story. Music itself has its own story. The visuals and text effects itself has its own story. Video clips has its own story. You need to integrate them together. I may not produced a perfect video but this is what I was thinking and doing when making this production.

– The video has to provide information and invite video play-back.

2. Content (Video Online Marketing)

– In this production, Ben clearly have set its contents and knew what he wants. He wants to promote paintball. Using video as a medium.

– What are contents :-

  • Paintball is a sport that can be played by anyone.
  • Paintball can promote team-building – seriously, it is a team sport. 
  • Paintball scene in Singapore at glance – for those who wanted to play more competitively after trying out a session.
  • Brand awareness.

– With these in mind, I came up with a story.

3. After Action Review

– After I made the first draft, I asked myself this question. ” If the video to be replaced with just a image and text, will it able to convey the same content? “

– My answer is NO. Image with text will not have the same effect.

– But if my answer is YES, it means my process has gone wrong!


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