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17 March 2014 is the official date that I decided to launch my own video services. After 2 years of freelancing and working for others, I have decided to craft it out on my own. Thus, Orangefill was born.

Why the name Orangefill ?

– Firstly, it is because of paintball. Because of the sport and paintballers that encouraged me, I owe it to the sport. And, paintballs usually are filled with orange dye. Thus, the name of Orangefill.

ORANGE represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.

– And I want to FILL all that into my videos that will be produced.

Orangefill will be providing wedding video services to the local malay community as its main source of business and opportunity. Thus, defining its purpose is very critical in any business set up. I am not going to rule out possibility of making videos for other genre of market and opportunities.

Honestly, I have failed in my past business venture like internet marketing and online paintball shop. Mistakes were made. Had to endure the failures. Opportunities were presented. Lessons learnt. For Orangefill, I am going to make it happen and be brave to tackle obstacles or challenges that may arises. I will do my best not to let Orangefill fail.

So far, managed to get 4 wedding bookings this year and a corporate job since the launch. It is a milestone for me. Not only that, managed to clinch a editing assignments on a permanent basis for the next 2 years.

There are people who inspire me in setting up Orangefill. There are many, in a way or another, big and small, have given me the strength and encouragements. Only a few that really made me drop my pants by just listening to them or by just observing.

  • Herdi’ Man for his business mindsets, visions and thoughts.
  • Rodney from BambooPictures, for his words and encouragements that really knocked my brains out.
  • Fazluddin, my biker kakis and independent accountant, for his guide in business plan and business strategy map out. Sharing business ideas.
  • Ben, EK Paintball Group, for his encouragements. I really learned quite a bit just by looking his business growing since 2009.
  • Imran Ali, the guy who made everything looks simple. It is about Control and Knowledge.

So, what does Orangefill do ?

Combining beautiful imagery with our knowledge and skills. Curiosity is our north star. Your story is our inspirations. Through our eyes, together, we will produce a meaningful, truthful and artfully created story.

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