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Asrul | Jannah – 14/15 December 2013

It was my first time working for ClearLens Production. It was a wonderful experience. I learned quite a lot in terms of equipment, workflow and techniques from the principal videographer.

The wedding was so much fun to capture. Both families were relentlessly ensuring that the whole event ran smoothly, which it did. In their own capacity, they ensured Asrul and Jannah will have a grand wedding, which they did. I was totally humbled by their wedding.

Working with the principal videographer from ClearLens Production, was quite easy and also it was my first time. All he said was ” Just do what you always do “.

Working for someone else, there are few things that we need to bear in mind. The way we shoot need to be synced with their style and approaches of doing things. As much as I want to explore, I will always capture all the safe shots. I let the principal videographers know what I want to do. If he gave me the green light, I will carry on. He gave me room and let me explore. The working environment was so easy and less pressurizing. Nevertheless, I do fear that he may not like the footages I captured.

Wedding captured. Payment received. I thought that was it. Then, about a week or so, received a call from ClearLens Production asking, “Bro, can you do editing ?”

I was like happy, feel appreciated, honored, don’t know what to expect. There was a quite a mix feeling. I said yes. He came over and show me what are his expectations, and yet, he still said “Use your own creativity to play around the wedding”

Working for someone else, I have always have this fear that I might not do a good job or justice to their branding. I mean I do have my own “bad” experiences in the past.

What is good about ClearLens Production, this principal videographer, he came over and explained to me what are his expectations. What he wants and what he doesn’t want. It was clear and precise guidelines for me to follow. There is no assumptions being made.

So it was all good. And yesterday I was informed by ClearLens Production that the couple really like the video that I edited. I was YES!! Praises to Allah!!!

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