Video Making


My first try at doing a promo kind of studio shoot. 

Honestly, I did not managed to nail the “story” that I wanted to put across.

I wanted to to portray the moments building up before the start of the game. You know, those motivation thoughts that went through your mind. Those jittery moments, calming down moments. Hope you know what I mean. Those personal spaces before any games.

And I managed to work with a local brand representative for this shoot. My idea was to use the brand as a medium to transport the story that I want.

That was what I wanted to do. And at the same time, I wanted to try a little bit animation on the words. Creating or adding life to the words and to be able depicting the products.

But, I do not feel IT after editing it. Something is missing, lacking. Decided to put this up after couple of weeks knocking my head though.

Studio Shoot Experience

1. Lighting

– Based on what I have read on the internet, the idea of lighting is to kill the shadows but at the same to provide adequate lighting for your subjects. With regards to 3 points of lighting.

– The studio itself has its own white ceiling lights. I was given 2 spotlights that produced orangish light. So that were the challenges. White fluorescent and Orange spotlights.

– I did played around with the brightness of spotlights. There are occasions where I bounced the spotlights off the side walls. With aim to have uniformity in the lighting colors.  Perhaps, in my next video gig, I need to bring my own LED lights.

– For certain shots, I placed the spotlights above the players. For some shots, I place 2 spotlights on the left and right of the players’ face. I did these for the showcase of different type of products. Why I am doing this ? To kill of the shadows and to provide adequate lighting for the subjects.

2. Management of time and players

– The management of time was pretty good as I already prepared the shots list. We did wrapped up the shoot within 3 hours. And I booked the studio for 4 hours. This also includes additional shots that I took which is not included in the shots list.

3. Make Up

– I am not sure about this. I did not seek a Make Up Artist to help me in this shoot as I wanted to portray real players.

Basically, it was the lighting that I was practicing and exploring. Which, I believe I need to practice even more. Plus, I believe I was trying to do 2 different approaches in one video. Sports feature direction and Product showcase direction in one video. This totally messed things up. Perhaps, the next time, we just need to focus on one direction of shoot. I felt that it did not really complete the players without the paintball marker, which is not accessible on a personal level. It doesn’t really feel complete.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank Singapore Anthrax Paintball for providing me this learning opportunity. And also, Abdukt from Sweden for allowing me to use his music.

If you have comments, please do post them up ya.


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