Video Making

Slow Motion

Recently, bought myself a Lumix FZ200. I bought it for one reason only which is High Speed Recording. Besides GoPro 3 Black edition, this is another “cheap” toy that can shoot 100fps and 240fps. More frames, more details can be captured and slow mo it down. With lesser pixel warping.

I am not a good writer nor I can review an equipment effectively. I am just going to share my experiences.

Right out of the box, I tried shooting High Speed Video. What I found out is that :-

1. Impressive.

2. Actual playback in camera will be played at 25fps.

3. No audio will be captured.

4. All settings are locked under High Speed Recording mode.

5. No indoor shooting. It gives a bad results.

The next day, happen so that I had a family picnic. So, do more slow motion testings.

1. Confirms that this camera shoot best in broad daylight and with proper lighting, you can get good results.

2. For both normal and high speed video recording, without proper lighting, the results is not desirable for me.

3. For low light condition, the best ISO is ISO1600. Anything more than that, you can forget it. In the clip below, I maxed out the ISO to ISO6400. The noise and purple pixels are obvious.

What else I find out :-

1. I have a couple of video clips which I cannot slow mo. I just do not know why. If I slow mo it, the video clips will just get stucked !

2. With twixtor, I can slow it down to 2% with “almost” no pixel warping. That’s better with my Canon 60D which I can only slow mo it down to 20%.

3. If you want to do color correction/grading, the dynamic range captured by this Lumix FZ200 is kinda limited. You can only do basic stuffs. The more layers you add, the moire will be highlighted. I find that the video clips will have more blue/purplish pixels highlighted.

4. Photo-taking, well, I am not into photography. So to me, the photos looks good. I shot on its Intelligent Auto with minor aperture adjustment. It is easy to snap.

5. Not forgetting, its 600mm zoom was pretty stable when I shoot photo handheld but not in video mode.

6. I don’t think the build can stand paintballs hits. It feels plastic-ky. But it is light weight !

Overall, I would consider this as a travel camera that you must bring along unless, you have higher expectations of the photos taken. Its High Speed Recording doesn’t disappoints me except that I need to find out why certain video clips I can’t have a smooth slow mo.

At a price of $680.00SGD, why not ? Still, I desire Sony FS700 which going to cost me around $10000.00 SGD. In terms of price, yeah, it is way way affordable than to purchase FS700. When comes to performance and build, no way it can be compared to Sony FS700.

Based on this review that I decided to go and purchase Lumix FZ200.


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