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When Three Is Not A Crowd

” You have to learn to follow before you can lead “ ~ from the film Drumline

How true the quote above but with my limiting experience, I am still learning on how to spearhead a project effectively. Plus, I am working with my video buddies whom I have a lot of respect. They are the people who encouraged and challenged my creativity when I first started my learning journey. They are the people that I met in the local Clubsnap forum about a year ago. They have far more greater video shoot experience than me, and yet, they are willing to listen and allow me to spearhead this wedding project within my limited capacity and knowledge.



What were the challenges that I faced during this shoot ?

1. Shot Lists

– This is so important. I know the strengths of my buddies. I know what kind of video clips/composition  that they can produce. I am loosely banking on that. Truth is, if you don’t share or tell what you want, your buddies can’t do anything much. It was a failure on my part that I did not shared my vision of the final product with them.

2. Lenses

– We need to know how effectively to use our lenses for its purposes and what type of composition that we want to capture. There were 3 of us. One of us, I instructed to take of the B-rolls. It can be related or non-related to the wedding. That’s good and it settled. There were two of us left including myself. This is what I realised. I was shooting 14mm on a stabilizer. My friend was using 18-50mm lens. There were not a lot of good ranges between of us. Most of the composition that we captured were  almost similar. The next time around, we need to decide one of us to be on a 70-200mm or 85mm. Then, we have a good mix of composition. Thus, it will affect on how we going to capture our video clips and indirectly it will specifies our roles for the day.

3. Maintenance of Equipment

– I shoot for other wedding video companies more often than I shoot for my own entity. Thus, I rarely used my equipment. And what I found out that rust deposits are formed on my Konova Slider on certain portion of the length. This is greatly affecting the smoothness of the sliding shots. So, do maintain your equipment well.

– I need to find a new fluid head for my Eimage tripod. The base plate is killing me. I assume that without the 4 short rubber strips on the base plate would not affect the smoothness of its tripod usage. I was totally wrong!!

4. Organising Your Video Clips

– For the first time, the total video clips amounted to 110GB. Wow! I got a headache when sorting them out and also in post editing. I think I have found a way on how to solve this and improve the editing workflow. If there are more cameras, I think it is best to synchronize the time before you shoot. This way, it would be easier for you to sort and also for you to do multicam editing. It would be much easier and faster if you want to search for a particular moment.

Honestly and seriously, it was totally awesome shooting with my buddies. Not once that we felt that it was work. Not once that we felt that we are actually shooting for a client. That was a good feeling and vibes.

There is one thing that I really value a lot and I believe it is worth investing.

Tascam DR-60D Amplifier

– My buddy brought along his newly acquired amplifier. MAN!! The audio is super clean and crisp that I do a little to clean up the audio in post. My buddy does acknowledge its bulkiness and how it is affecting the way a person shoots. Plus, you will need additional equipment which is a headphone in order to monitor the audio captured. In my opinion, I would not mind the bulkiness and additional equipment for a good audio quality.

I am just sharing my mistakes and what I think I can do better the next time around. If you have suggestions or comments, do let me know what you think.



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