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Khaizul | Farhani

This is my first wedding video assignment for a wedding photography vendor, HaizalM Photography. Meaning, I was given the full creative control from shooting to post production. Before this, I have been working as 2nd cam operator for couple of local companies. I did a couple of wedding videos on my own.

For me, every wedding video shoot were never the same. Every wedding video shoot has its own set of challenges. In this case,

1. Location of the Bride’s function venue (not well-lit)

– It was not well-lit because of the design of the void-deck. Add in the tables, chairs, decoration, people, etc. You could imagine that I was shooting at ISO1000 at F2.8 with my 35mm and 14mm. I was thinking to myself “Am I shooting a paintball event?”.  I would not have a problem if I shoot at F1.4. For the main shots, I could not shot at F1.4 due to shallow depth of field.

2. Never met before

– Usually, for my own wedding video assignment, I would spend the time to have coffee with the couple. So, I can know them better and share their excitement about their wedding plans and ideas. It usually helps to close the gap between clients and a service provider. This time around, I did not get the chance to do it as it wasn’t under my entity. I come up with a questionnaire and requested the HMP to ensure the couple complete the questionnaire. It will give me briefly an idea of their wedding.

3. Seeking parents’ blessing

– I, myself, find it kinda intruding and out-of-place. Usually, in the malay wedding, the couples have to seek blessings from the parents. I have always shoot this segment with my 14mm or 35mm and I have to be real close to the parents and couple. I think it is not nice for me to surround them just to get the close up shots. So, the next time, I am going to use a zoom lens and keep my distance away. I am going to try that for the next wedding video assignment.

4. Parents uncertainty

– I was questioned on my authenticity and legibility. Am I going to cheat them out of their money? This time around, I was on the receiving end. When I was getting married back then, I have always questioned the legibility and reliability of the service providers that I engaged. I did not dodge the questions that were thrown at me. I reassure the parents that I am going to deliver whatever HaizalM Photography have promised with regards to wedding video. Every time, I shoot a wedding, I have always regard the wedding as though it was my brother’s wedding. With God’s help, I am going to maintain the way I render my service or even better it.

5. Vintage style

– This time around, I was trying a vintage look. I look at some videos that has that vintage grading. Based on my observations, there are the “Orangish” grading and the “Purplish” grading. Due to the way I shot with respect to lightings, the “orangish” approach doesn’t work with 70% of my footages and I don’t really like the outcome. So, I go with the “purplish” approach.

Nevertheless, it was a nice wedding. Simple and yet beautiful. The food is good, the decor is nice. Everything is Fantastic!!


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