Video Making

Singapore Paintball Series 2013 – Leg 2

Was given the opportunity to provide videography coverage for the local paintball circuit.

This time around, I am able to collaborate with a DJ from Sweden. Was given the green in using his song, ABDUKT | dramatique. The first time I listen to this song, I just fall in love with it. The first thing that came to my mind was paintball. I already have ideas on my mind for the next paintball video. That was 3 months ago.

This video purely inspired by the song. Still, it came with its own challenge.

Just as when I thought I hit the jackpot for the “sweetspot” settings for super slow-mo twixtor, it still did not give the perfect results. I was shooting 1/2000 shutter with 60fps and variable ISOs. This time around, I am convince that twixtor can do its magic to certain extent only. If I want the paintballs to fly super duper slow-mo with clarity (literally to see the paintballs flying in full shape), my next cheapest option is the Sony FS700.

After shooting this event, I have so many questions. At the same time, I am fed up with myself because I am still making mistakes which I should not have.

1. Do adding layers of video effects on your footage, will it degrade the quality of your footage ?

2. What is the best export settings for YouTube ?

3. Why the video is not so sharp ?

4. Where were my White Balance controls ? 50% of my footages were kinda blueish.

5. Is my camera not functioning well? How do I know? Is there such thing call camera body servicing like my motorcycle 3 monthly servicing?

I hope anyone who help me with these questions or point me to the right direction. I might have look at the wrong direction all this while.


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