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Mohamad Hidir | Huzieanawaty – The First Time I Saw You…

Shot with : Canon 60D, Canon 700D and Canon 550D

This lovely couples have an interesting start to their love journey. Due to this, it encouraged me to do more than just the normally wedding highlights that I made.

I wanted to create more depth and also able to compress their love journey in 7 minutes. I also want others to know what’s their story instead of watching another couples tying the knot.

Shooting this wedding do have its challenges like my other weddings. This time is different because I have more confidence in technical handling, equipment handling, planning, people interactions, etc. Any problems that came with it, I am able to overcome them. I am more calm and organized compared to my previous weddings.

The challenge that I faced is the video compositions and creative shots. I felt these kind of shots could add production value or “Wow” value to your wedding video. It will enhance the overall watching experience for the couples and viewers. I still need to find that knack for it.

The interviewing clips. TRUST ME. Even if you do not have a script, go and make one as a guide so that the couples know what to say. Be mindful to their expressions, vocal tones, expression tones, their small gestures that could be disturbing. Get in control.

Plus, my fellow video-grapher was given a Canon 700D by Canon to do a review. He gave me 700D to use for the day as he did not want take any chances with equipment that he isn’t familiar with. I, myself, not a techie junkie and not a good reviewer. There are a couple of points that I find 700D is lacking.


– If you do panning shot from left to right or up to down or vice versa, the AUTO AWB changes for 700D is pretty obvious compared to 60D where the changes is quite minimal and subtle.

– The colours on AUTO AWB is quite heavy on the orangish side and quite underexposed.

2. K white balance function

– There is no Kelvin function in this 700D which can be handy at certain situations.

3. Swivel LCD Screen

– You got to love the swivel LCD screen. And it is touch screen. Woo Hoo!! Browsing the menu and functions using the touch screen is way much more fun and easier compared to using the dial button.

4. Overheating

– I have shot  17 minutes continuously on 700D. So I am not sure how long before it gets overheated. I have shot with Canon 550D. It only takes about 5-7 minutes before it gets overheated. Like my 60D, I have shot way beyond 35 minutes and still no sign of overheating.

Basically, that pretty much what happened this time around.

If there any comments and feedback, please do drop them.


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