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Singapore Paintball Series 2013 – 3 on 3 Challenge

First and foremost, music is by Butch Clancy | Band of Horses – The Funeral (remix)

Do check him out over here >>>

Was given the opportunity to video shoot the tournament. After all, I started my video learning journey purely because of paintball. After 2 weeks of waiting, they gave me the green light. I was over the moon, practically. My wife can be my witness.

Thank you so much to Singapore Paintball Series committee in giving me the opportunity to further enhance and enrich my learning journey. This is not a paid job. It is about me giving back and contributing something back to the local paintball community in my own way.

Mistakes that I made in my previous paintball videos, I would not repeat them. I took the pains to do some reading up, emailing more experienced videographers, cinematographers, tonnes of youtube-ing and vimeo-ing, and do my own testings since my first paintball video. Can read up my previous experience here.

Nothing works better than having a Sony FS700 or Red Epic or Phantom Flex. If you are on a tight budget, GoPro 3 Black Edition is another option. It makes your workflow so much easier and shorter editing time.

With DSLR, all you need is to shoot at a shutter speed at least 1/2000. I was shooting at a shutter speed of 1/4000 and at 60fps. And the results was far far more better than my previous paintball videos. I have broken the 180 degree rule, with relations to Frame Rate and Shutter Speed.

Simply put, if you go higher on your shutter speed, you will have lesser motion blur when you do slow mo. Yes, you have to pay attention to your other settings like aperture and ISO to get good exposure for your footages. Trust me, this time around, the warping is much much lesser when I do slow mo but it is still there. Minimal.

What were the challenges in this video-shoot ?

1. The HEAT! I can’t bear it. I have to give it to the referees. They stayed in the field for every 2 hours. Only to have 10-15 minutes break in between. Seriously, I did not know how they managed it. RESPECT has to be given to them for their perseverance and endurance.

2. AUTO MODE. After the lunch break, I could not take the heat. It is getting to me. To make my video shoot experience a little bit better, I decided to shoot on AUTO White Balance and AUTO ISO. I was worried that I might get wrong colors and flickering effect from the auto shifting of the ISO settings. Well, the results were pretty safe BUT kinda underexposed. And it gave a little bit of orange color cast. Possibly, it could be also my lens. I know for sure, my Samyang lenses will give me that. The problem is, in this event, I did not use any of them. For the last 7 games, I switch back to the norm.

3. I remembered when I was covering the Cedar Primary School – Teachers Paintball Challenge, the paintball park operator gave me a cold ice towel. That was HEAVEN!!! So, if you were to cover an event under the hot sun for a long time, freeze a towel the night before.

4. Usually, in a paintball game, players have the options of using the Dorito side to attack or the Snake side. In this 3 on 3 challenge, 90% of the teams, avoid playing on the snake side. So I am lacking in terms of footages.

5. Lastly, I drew inspirations from many paintball videographers around the world for all their paintball videos. They are the GURUs to me. Watching their videos, I know how much effort was put in. In order to get the best footages, you need to be in the line of fire. Risking yourself to be LANED. Your equipment to be painted by paintballs flying at 270 feet per second.

Twixtor Pro – Yes, I did use Twixtor Pro to do some of the slow mo. Still, it does gives the warping effect. So what I did was, I chose the best footages that gave me a minimal warping. The slow mo editing is much much less taxing if you shoot at the settings that I mentioned.

In a wrap, what were my settings :-

  1. Shutter speed at 1/4000
  2. 60 frames per second
  3. ISO between 1000 – 2000 and for 30% of the time, I was on AUTO ISO
  4. Kelvin White Balance and for 30% of the time, I was on AUTO White Balance
  5. Aperture ranging from F4 – F8 with regards to the sunlight.

Equipment I used :-

  1. Canon 60D
  2. Tamron 70-300
  3. Canon Kit lens 18-135
  4. Konova Slider

** Need to save up and gonna buy myself a Canon 70-200 F2.8

So, if you want to try paintballing, check out If you are interested to find out more about tournament paintball, check out

If you have any questions about how to video shoot, feel free to drop me an email. I am more than willing to share my mistakes with you.


4 thoughts on “Singapore Paintball Series 2013 – 3 on 3 Challenge

  1. DSLR are perfect for still shots, but would you agree that an entry level video camera (example Canon Legria) would give us equal video footage quality, if not better?

    1. Whatever rocks your boat Bro.

      DSLR and Video Camera has its own pro and cons.

      For me personally, it is about the bokeh and price. Back then, it was between Canon 60D and Sony VG20. $2500 for Canon 60D with F1.4 Samyang lens and $4250 for SonyVG20 with a similar Sony lens.

      Video footage quality, it is up to your preference. I have shot both with video camera, Sony NX30, and DSLR in a video job. Personally and with my limited experience with video camera, it boils down to your preference.

  2. Alamak, both so mahal….. It’s just that I might sakit hati if my DSLR lens Kena shot by stray ball. At least my vid cam not so ex.

  3. Chek Hock, as for me, I only use Army Green Towel…So far, I am very lucky…my lens and body have been shot so many times…And it is working well for me…It is the same camera I used for my weddings and projects…

    You may want to check out Camera Armor body for your DSLR if you intend to use it for paintball. Sgcamerastore is selling them. Or you might to make a box to protect your set up..

    But my camera, so far, have amazed me…I guess it will be soon till my luck runs out… 🙂

    Heart pain lah…seeing your “hard-earned” investment kena abused…kekkekekeke…

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