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Time Will Not Wait – Masa Tak Menunggu

It has been quite a while since I posted here. Well, I have since become a Dad for the past 3 months. And boy, it was fun. Changing diapers, sleepless nights, “head-banging” cries for milk, etc. I am enjoying every moment of it till I forget how to video shoot.

This is another wedding project which I did recently. I was kinda rusty and I did not do proper housekeeping on my equipment. To such extent, I was surprised to see my gear bag only 20% filled. Little did I remember that I lend it out to my fellow videographers.

With this lovely couple, I was trying to do a short story with that TV feel. And, I wanted to capture all my clips at F1.4 or the very least at F2. I want to really “push” my 35mm Samyang lens. I want to have that bokeh look and that solid isolation. Shooting during the day in bright sunny Singapore, what can go wrong. I have abundance of light. I do not have to worry about lighting.

Boy, I was so wrong. It did came with its challenges. Let me share.

1.     It is no joke video shooting under the hot sun ! Got sun-burnt on my forehead ! Challenges that comes with it. My oh my.

2.     Even you have adjusted your exposure within the “limits” with the help of histogram and ND fader, you can still clip your highlights or “burned” your highlights. So, bright sunny day, expose your clips more towards the shadow using the histogram.

3.     YOU MUST HAVE FADER !! I did some testing. Especially when shooting the sky and clouds. You need it. Make your job easier when you are trying to bring the colours out in post. Without a Fader filter, I need to increase my F-stops which could result in me not having that bokeh look. Yes, I may get the clouds and the blue sky in good exposure but my subject could be too dark in the shadows area. Plus, by increasing the F-stops, your composition can be too dark or underexposed. Bringing up the brightness level in post could not bring the same results. Know your “sweetspot” that works for you and your art direction.

4.    Get a viewfinder. It really made my experience a lot easier and I can better composed my clips. I get a cheap one. VFinder. The sticky on the magnet was very bad that it got peeled off. So I adapt. I only use it when I want to compose my clips. Sun shades did help but it cannot 100% isolate the sun reflections bouncing off your shirt.

5.    You need to complete your scenes within a time frame. Why? All because of the sun. I had to re-shoot couple of scenes because of the intensity of the sun light. It was way way off.

6.    You need to pace yourself and the process. If not, people might get turn off. Due to the heat.

7.    Avoid 12pm – 3pm. It is so unbearable. And the heat is really scorching. With my approach of getting that bokeh look, my settings were way off. During this time, the sun will above you. It will burnt all your images. It is quite challenging getting a balanced composed clips. So avoid these timings.

Get a FADER ! I am using Hercules Variable Fader.

Again, Get a FADER and a ViewFinder !

Equipment Used :-

  1. Canon 60D
  2. Samyang 35mm lens
  3. Rode Video Mic
  4. Manfrotto 561 Monopod
  5. Pro-Motion Stabilizer
  6. HMC and Hercules Variable Fader

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