Video Making

My Son

I became a father on 21 December 2012. I am so happy and relieved that both my wife and my son are safe and in good health. I could not have asked for anything more. Praises to Allah.

I have been wanting to do this video eversince I knew my wife is pregnant. Things just did not go my way due to restrictions, logistics issues and also showing support to my wife. I just make do with the limitations and try to work with it. No matter what, the video taking was secondary. Focusing and ensuring that my wife is safe was my top priority.

Nevertheless, for the past week, I have been a sucker for baby stuffs. Hehehehe. No more visits to the local camera stores. No more reading up about video techniques, reviews, etc. It is all about Kiddy Palace, MotherCare, MummySG forums. You know what I mean.

Still, this video was shot with my Canon 60D, my friend’s GoPro 2 (did not manage to buy GoPro 3 as my wife EDD was on 6th planning was way off) and my 3 year old Samsung Omnia 2. This time around, I tried to color correct my video using the RGB curves and I nailed it. I mean, previously, I was using the Fast Colour Corrector. With RGB curves, you can actually bring out the colors to the fullest. The results is far more better than using the Fast Colour Corrector. Not that perfect. I need more time to practise and explore its function.

I hope I am able to come up with a video on how I do the color correcting in 2013. Right now, I am still adjusting my life as a father. Sleepless nights. Changing baby diapers. Bathing him. And many more to come which I am looking forward to them. At the same time, I am trying to organise my free time to shoot video and continue my video making learning journey.

Hope you guys love the video. Just the way I would want to remember.


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