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One Man Band

It was my second paid wedding video assignment as a freelance videographer. So far, I have done 5 weddings in total. Both paid and non-payment assignments. This one was particularly challenging. I had to shoot it all by myself. At the very last minute, the boss unable to come as he had to attend last minute job. It was during the weekend of 10.11.12. Nice date to get married. Anyway, I was in a mix reaction. Feeling Angry and having that Bring It On kind of attitude.

Angry, because I am a newbie. Even Philip Bloom does not like to do weddings. And he even can’t think of shooting wedding alone. I really appreciate if the boss has the confidence in me pulling it off. At the same time, I did not know whether I do justice to his company’s branding. I would not want to spoil his company’s branding or name. Furthermore, I have only one camera body.

Bring It On, because I was telling myself, if I do not do it now (shooting alone), when will it be? My baby is coming in few weeks time. And after that, I do not know whether I have spare time to do video shoots.

So, I decided to “FLY”. That was my strategy considering logistics, transportation, lighter workflow, ease of usage and one man show situation. I am going to share what I have learned and experienced. Hope it will help you guys in a way or another. Prior to this shoot, I have read quite a bit on working with stabilizer.

Things to note when “FLYING” : 

– Need to spend quite some time on this area. Got to balance the set up properly so to have a smoother shoot.
– Once balanced, mark out the “sweet spot”. This will be a great help if in any case you decided to use your camera to be shot on other equipment.
– CheesyCam guide to perfect balance your stabilizer.

– How you focus shall determine your working space between you and your subject. Not forgetting your composition.
– At this shoot, I focus at 1ft for smaller working space and 3ft for bigger working space.

White Balance 
– I found out that white balance could be off if you are moving from outdoor to indoor and vice versa.
– I set my white balance to AWB. It helps a lot.
– Whenever there is a opportunity for me to switch to my favourite K white balance, I will do it. To have more control.

– Forget about moving from outdoor to indoor and vice versa.
– Got to pick one environment to shoot. If not, your exposure will be way off.
– In this shoot, I just concentrate on indoor settings. Even if I had to do a walk in shoot from outdoor to indoor, I just concentrate on the indoor settings.

Camera Movement
– Still learning and exploring.

There was another department that I was exploring. It was the Audio Department. This time around, I was determined to get a good and decent audio. What I did was

  1. Set the recording level on my 60D 3 clicks from the left.
  2. When shooting, I tried to aim my shotgun mic to the face or chest area.

2 thoughts on “One Man Band

    1. Hi janicedagga, sure. You are most welcome. Just sharing my mistakes and weaknesses so others won’t do the same.

      Your wedding videos are freaking awesome! That’s the standard I am working towards to.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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