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Couch Mode – Azmi | Fidah – What I Can’t Stand About You

My first time shooting in a studio. Overall, I love shooting in a controlled environment. Relaxing and stress free. 🙂 Still, I do have my shortcomings.

Basically, this video, is more like my gift to my friends. They are getting married. Thought of doing an announcement video for them. My idea was for them to share their pet peeves about each other with the people who are going to watch it.

What I really like :- 

1. Controlled Environment

– Compared to my previous video projects, this time around, I did not meddle my settings too much just to ensure a good recording composition. Lock that ISO down, Lock that Exposure down, Lock that Focus. You are all good to go.

2. Constant Lighting

– It was heaven to have that constant lighting. Again, it made the shooting experience very calm and easy.

What I do not really like :-

1. Room Noise

– What I did was to set my in-camera recording level to 14 clicks from the left. At this recording level, it starts to pick up some signal. I believe it was the “sweet-spot” for that studio.

– I was surprised to find out that the recording volume was too soft and it picked up the room noise, which is terrible. Still, it was better than my previous video project I did the last time , Character Study.  I believe I execute the audio recording not that well. I guess to me back to reading and exploring again.

2. Disturbance

– The studio was situated next to another company office. Apparently, throughout the shoot, they were doing some works. The knocking sound came intermittently. Shooting had to be stopped. This is where we wasted shooting time. Overall, the shooting pace was good.

3. Photo Lighting

– Oh man. I did not know that photo lighting was able to produce this buzzing sound. I do not know what is it. I suspect that every time the bulb gets “cold”, it will warmed up the bulb. By doing so, the lighting is producing buzzing sound. You are able to hear it (use headphone). In the video, at 05:17, with the buzzing sound and at 05:21, without the buzzing sound. You will get what I mean.


What I did in post to tackle the room noise.

– I use Denoiser where I set the reduction to -20Hz. Open up the custom setup. Mark in and mark out in your clip where your subject is not talking. Set the settings for the Denoiser and it will denoise the room noise.

– I use Dehummer where I set the reduction to 30Hz and select 16 bit. Open up the custom setup and select the setting mentioned.

– I use EQ. This is where I mid2 level to the area where it will wiped out the hissing noise. I set it -15Hz. For this audio effect, you need to open the custom setup. Adjust the mid2 level using the graph provided.

– Due to the soft audio, I increase the audio gain by 20Hz. I increase the volume to 6db.

– Throughout this editing, I set my headphone level at about 30%. My take on this, I do not want to blow up the volume for the final video when being played via the TV. My first trial, I had to increase my TV volume to 65% in order to be able to hear them talking. Using the method mentioned, the video playback via TV, the volume now will be around 25%. Which is much better than the previous attempt.

What I did in post to colour correct.

– I use RGB Curves. On the graph, I try my best to make a slight “S” shape. Just to bring out the red on the couch and to bring the black in their shirt.

– I use the Fast Colour Corrector. Using the Hue and Angle (circle graph), I use the background as a guide to whiten it.

Basically, that’s what I did. I hope this experience of mine could help you out with your future exploration in shooting video!

I shall continue my quest in capturing better audio!!

Equipment Used :-

– Canon 60D

– Samyang 35mm Lens

– Rode ShotGun Mic

Edited with :-

– Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5


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