Video Making

Teachers Paintball Challenge 2012 – Cedar Primary School

Managed to get an opportunity to video shoot this event. Was trying to help my friend to spice his event up. Nothing spectacular about this video.

Tokina 70-300mm Lens
– Used my dad’s Tokina lens. MAN!! I love this lens. It really does bring the action closer to you.
– The set back that I dun really like this lens is the focus ring. I find it is kinda hard to focus in and out. Compared to my other lenses, they are pretty smooth and easy.

– I played around with Twixtor. Slow it down to 10% but I cannot take it the warping. I dun know why it is warping.
– Is it because not enough frame rate ? Is it because of the shutter speed that when I do slow mo, it is warping and the motion blur causing the warping?
– Maybe next time, I will try to shoot at higher shutter speed and twixtor it and see what results can I get.

Keep It Coming
– It has been a while since I video shoot paintball outing or event. I was totally lost. It took me 2 games to get the groove back.
– I failed to understand that this tournament was a hopper style meaning, each player only has about 100 balls to shoot and capture the flag to win the game. If it is like a real tournament, all players would be bring at least 800-1000 balls each. I, myself, will bring in at least 1200 balls per game. So the intensity was not the same. I decided to focus my shots of players running, creeping instead of fire-fights, which I expected.
– I failed to understand that 90% of the teachers are playing paintball for the first time. So you cannot expect all the dives, slides, killer moves and etc.
– It took me 2 hours and one of the tournament paintball player to tell me “Bro, what do you expect? This is not a real tournament. This is rookies tournament lah” to realise the feel of the whole tournament. So, I guess, when we go out to video shoot, we need to understand and able to tell what kind of feel or what to expect. If not, you would not do any justice to yourself.

– Is it true that we can’t take pictures or video someone in army uniform for any other purposes ? I was told before that it cannot be taken. So I had a hard time video shoot the teachers as 70% are wearing the army uniform.

So, if there are any teachers out here, look out for this Paintball Challenge next year. I heard the organizor is trying to add cash prizes for next year.


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