Video Making

My First Event Video Shoot – Hari Raya Class Reunion

Recently, my riding budding offered me to cover his company Dinner and Dance event. I turned him down even though he is willing to pay me quite handsomely. I dun think I am capable to shoot Dinner and Dance event just yet. I would not want to spoil his event and his company image.

I was lucky enough when my working colleague engaged me for his Hari Raya Class Reunion. I jumped at the opportunity to learn about shooting an event. As usual, I will be sharing my mistakes or areas that I should improve and you guys could avoid if you are doing your own gig.

– My white balance was inconsistent due to the lighting of the ball-room. I realised it when I was editing. DARN!!!
– Pay attention to the lights!!

– I just dun believe it. Along the way to the event venue, I dropped by SPC and Shell petrol station. THEY DUN SELL 9V BATTERY!!! I can’t use my shot-gun mic.
– I have to rely on Canon 60D internal audio system, which I think the results is pretty decent. But you need to crank the recording level down to 25% if not, it will pick up the room noise and those high pitch sounds terribly.
– Brought along my Zoom H4N but forget to press record!!
– Moral of the story is Always Prepare One Day Before and Dun Be Complacent. Another thing, Dun Rush Yourself even you are doing it all alone.

– I think I am getting pretty good with the stabilizer shots. The key is to balance your set-up properly. It might take some time. Once you tune it up properly, the rest of the day will be solid.
– DO NOT do stabilizer shot from outside of the ballroom to inside of the ballroom or vice versa. OR from bright place to well lit place. You will get bad footage due to your camera settings with respect to ISO and Aperture.

– Don’t forget to anticipate. I believe after shooting 3 weddings, if you are not video shooting a controlled story, 80% of the time, you should be anticipating what could happen next.
– It is best to work closely with the organisor or the host for the day. To tie things up. But for this event, things were not going according to plan with respect to time keeping, performances and you do need to study the crowd in order to make your job easier.

– I tried something which I have learned via the internet. A complete flow of actions which you have to cut them up or make them jump to end faster. Look out for it @ 02:25min. Let me know what you think.

– Get a standardized set of base plates. So you need not to remove and fix different base plate for different set up. For my case, it was the tripod and stabilizer. Getting a standardized base plates really helps. Which I will be doing it very soon to standardize my set up between tripods, stabilizers, sliders and crane set-up.

Hope you enjoy the fun video as much as I enjoyed video-shot it. Comments and scrutinizations are greatly welcomed!


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