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Wedding First Shoot

After months of self study and video tests, I braved myself to cover a wedding event, with the help of couple of newbies I met during my learning journey. Without them, I may not be able to pull this off.

Overall, it was a good exposure and very very valuable experience. I learned a lot from just this one event. No matter how much I have read, learned, experimenting, Nothing beats this wedding shoot or the REAL THING. I would like to share my experiences and my mistakes. Hopefully, it would help you guys in any way.

– You need them. You really really need them for videography. It really helps in your footage in terms of composition, colours, highlights, shadows, details and many more.
– There is a huge difference between my Samyang 35mm F1.4 and Canon 17-85mm F3.5/F5.6. I prefer all my footages shot with Samyang. I can shoot in biggest aperture which will allow more light to be capture, thus it will give you better footages.
– If you need to shoot with zoom lens, get them at the highest aperture. It would really make your job easier when editing.

– Always carried them with you. In your pocket. I brought 4 spares but I kept them at my equipment bag. So I experienced a moment of low in battery and I need to rush back to my car to get them. During this moment, I believe I could have missed out couple of moments. So always keep them with you.

– During this wedding, I tried out 2 approach. A little bit of Underexposed and Dun Clip Your Highlights. Whatever it is, go for the latter approach. Dun Clip Your Highlights. It produced better quality images.
– Both approach will help you retain details in your footages but the Underexposed footages doesn’t work 100% for me.
– Use the histogram to gauge your composition and not to clip your highlights.

– Luckily, I planned out my shots, organising my logistics movement and my timings. Still, it was never enough. Least, I have planned out my strategy and it keeps me calm.
– You have to really learn on anticipating the moments, study the crowd, understand the situation. With these in mind, you have to make decision that may affect the way you work to get the footages that you want.
– You have to adapt to the situation that arises that can dampen the way you shoot.
– I brought my crane along. I did not manage to fully utilize the crane due to the location and space constraint. On the spot, I made the decision to dump the crane. I really want to use the crane to add more value in the final product but the situation did not permit.

– Seriously, in any video shoot, you need more than 1 video shooter. For my case, I have 2 different assistant video-shooter for the solemnization(Saturday) and wedding reception(Sunday).
– No matter how good or bad you are, you need to be competent in handling the equipment and understand the basic 3 rule in video shooting which is Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO settings.
– I had the challenge of having 2 different level of competency in my 2 assistant video-shooters.
– It always good and best to have someone to help you out. In that way, you can bounce off a lot of ideas from one another.

– In videography, I believe that lighting is very important and crucial in getting a good footages.
– I already predicted that the solemnization is going to be held in quite low lighting environment. Brought along my LED lighting. It saved my day.

– Always records 2-3seconds of still video before you move your camera. Once you done recording, record another 2-3 seconds of still video.
– Before you stop recording, always ensure that whatever you are capturing, the actions are complete. For example, like singing – complete the verse, passing the gifts, etc. Least, your footages do not end abruptly.
– All these small details, you will appreciate them when editing. TRUST ME ON THIS.
– Always use monopods or tripods to assist you in video shoot. I personally don’t like the footages captured by DSLR rig. It doesn’t provide the stability like the monopod or tripod does.
– If you guys, still want to use DSLR rig, you can try this. While shooting, try to move your camera in SQUARE shape. Slowly. It helps in dampening the shakiness. You can see in the video at 05:50. That is the best example.

– SanDisk is the best. My Silicon Power gave me 2 corrupted footages. So go for SanDisk.

– Good audio is as important to good video footages.
– As for me, I have used the past couple of months to experimenting my audio recorder settings. It may not be the best quality but I am impressed with the quality that I have recorded with the settings that I have plan.
– General guide, bring down your recording level to zero. And slowly increase it until it start capturing and stop. Then, you tried to increase the level +5 or +10. Lock them down. That’s it. I believe if you go any higher, you will be capturing all the unwanted ambient noise which can be irritating.
– Have a spare. My camera is recording. I have another audio linked up to the DJ system. I have another audio recorder placed near the speaker. During the solemnization, I have 3 audio recordings.

That’s it. I am just sharing my experiences and mistakes. I hope in any way I have helped you guys in any possible way.


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