Video Making

What A Day !

It has been quite a while since I last posted. Man, I am a bit drained with HDSLR learning journey. I cannot keep up pace with my enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Guess age is catching up with me. I need to pace out myself.

Philip Bloom once said, if you are a newbie and a freelancer, you have the whole time in the world to pace your learning.

What have I done for the past 1 month.
– A video of appreciation by Shoot’In Rage to Anthrax Designs for all their tremendous and kind support for the paintball club. It was my first time doing ala TV commercial style.

– I did some test shots with a ND Fader. Met this experienced photographer in Malaysia while covering the Johor Straits Paintball Cup, Ahmad Marzukie . Based on his pointers that using a ND Fader, it will enhance contrast, filter out glaring in your shots and it has this smoothen effect on your pictures especially for waterfall and landscape. So I decided to do my own test shots with running water at Singapore Botanic Gardens. I am happy with the results. I could capture the sharpness and crisp of the running water.

More info on ND Fader was shared with me by a senior in Clubsnap Forum. Here is the link to the video.

Not only that, I brought along my ND Fader for my Thailand road trip. MAN THIS ND FADER WORKS WONDER. Take note of the sky colour. I could not get that kind of vibrance without using one.

– I was inspired by Philip Bloom – Great Wooden Boat video. That I decided to go out and shoot one myself. Thought I could replicate his style and quality. What was I thinking !? He is a PRO man and he used RED EPIC!!! Still, I went out to get dirty with the shoot and at the same time, tested out my new gadget which is the Zoom H4N. And the audio was really bad. I thought I have sweetspot the settings, I was wrong.

– Team Outlaws, a local paintball team, asked me a favour to shoot them a video to commemorate their 2 years of playing together. Why not? I do need the practise. Whatever mistakes I made in my previous video, I vowed not to repeat them in this video. I am glad that Team Outlaws like the video. And I am very happy that I have found the sweetspot settings for my Zoom H4N. Woo Hoo!!

– My first ever pre-wedding shoot. I got to work with my buddy, Sani Hussin, a seasoned theater actor who recently made his TV directorial debut. MAN, within 4 hours, I was overloaded and drained with his knowledge and demands. I was lost with all the standards and requirements of video-shoot. I got to learn fast and not to lose pace with him, if not, the whole video shoot will be draggy and tiring. I picked up the terminology and what it means as fast as I could. I am proud to say that after lunch, Sani was kinda impressed with me that I could come to terms with terminology and techniques. The video still in post processing. I do managed to take a video of the cafe that we shoot at as a token of appreciation for letting us using their space. Thanks Viking Cafe.

With all the video gigs that I have done, With the amount of research and reading up that I have done, I feel confident in my abilities. I could not have come this far without comments and scrutinizations from people I have met in person or online, not forgetting, those who have watched my videos. Without them, I could not have learned so much.


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