Video Making

Johor Straits Paintball Cup

I was given the opportunity to capture or cover Johor Straits Paintball Cup over the weekend. Man, it was worth it.

Saturday, It was raining. I do not know whether we should or should not shoot in the rain but what the heck, I just jump the gun. Honestly, it was challenging for newbie to shoot the event. I mean, you are shooting the rain, you are meddling with your settings now and then to get your visual right and, on top of that, you got shot by paintballs. Ouch!

Sunday. It was perfect weather. God Send. No rain. Sunny and Bright. Still………newbie. Can’t get it right just yet. I think I am getting there.

This time around, I was trying out or experimenting the settings with regards to Shutter Speed 180 degree rule, ISO and Aperture. Came across a video in Vimeo on how to play around within these settings. General rule is :-

– 50p so my shutter speed has to go 180 degree, meaning you have to double it. Once you double it, you should not change the shutter speed at any point of time. You only have your ISO and Aperture to play around.

– I only limit myself to ISO 160, 320, 640, 1250, 2500. As other ISO settings I read, they produce a lot of noise or grains in your video quality.

– For the Aperture settings, I was playing between F8-F11. I was advised by my working colleague that in order to make your foreground and background clear and sharp.

– Well, I still have a long way to go. I am so looking forward to the Canon Movie Course that I will be attending on 24 – 26 April 2012.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video.

This is the highlights from Day 1

This is the highlights from Day 2


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