Video Making

I Got My Own Camera !

For the past 6 – 8 months, I have been playing around with my brother’s Canon EOS 60D. Shot my paintball team training session with Tokina 70-300mm lens.

It was kinda difficult when I am playing and trying to shoot video at the same time. Do pardon the blurry.

Then came January 2012, attended my wife’s cousin wedding. Did a simple wedding video for them. Glad that they like it very much. They really appreciate the video.

Seriously, it was bloody fun shooting video. Trying to capture the event in the most memorable way for the couple.

Came February 2012, attended my friend’s wedding. And OH MY GOSH !! That video really turned me on !!

Do pardon my newbieness. I was awed by the video. The angle shots. The dynamic range the video has to show. Damn. I must learn that!

That’ what got me started to learn more about HDSLR videography.

Since then, I have bought my own equipments and certain gears.

  • Canon EOS 60D
  • DSLR rig
  • CineSkates
  • CAPA Loupe
  • Rain Gear
  • Hercules ND Fader 2 – 8 stops
  • Rode Mono ShotGun Mic
  • Motion Pro Stabilizer
  • LED Lights

With all that bought, I threw myself into the dirt. Thankfully, I have friends and acquaintance that supported me. Gave the opportunity.

Johor Straits Paintball Cup Promo Vid

Behind The Scene | Haizal M Photography

So what am I going to buy next ?

  • A video tripod system
  • Varavon Slider
  • Cobra Crane Ulta Lite
  • Varavon Loupe
  • Samyang 35mm Lens F1.4
  • Canon 85mm Lens F1.4
  • Canon 50mm Lens F1.4
  • Tascam DR40 or Zoom H4N
  • Azden Wireless Mic

Well, that’s pretty much of my wish list.

Time for me to get to the classrooms, reading and experimenting.


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